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News and Updates
Doctor Who News and Updates
  15th October 2019
The Time Meddlers
New Doctor Who store to open with official merch.
  11th October 2019
Review added for this Big Finish audio adventure.
  2nd October 2019
Mission: Recreated!
Remake of lost Who story to get YouTube premiere.
Harry Houdini's War
Review added for this Big Finish audio adventure.
  27th September 2019
Doctor Who Build-A-Bear
BBC Studios announces Doctor Who Build-A-Bear.
  10th September 2019
Emissary Of The Daleks
Review added for this Big Finish audio adventure.
  3rd September 2019
The Collection: S26
BBC Studios announces Season 26 blu-ray box-set.
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Welcome to Doctor Who Online - The biggest, most-popular, and longest-running Doctor Who fan site on the internet.
What is Doctor Who Online?
Doctor Who Online is a fan site dedicated to bringing you all the latest from the world of Doctor Who, providing News, Merchandise information, Reviews, Competitions, Features, Forums and more...

How long has the site been running?
We've been running a Doctor Who site since 1996, when we were originally known as 'Doctor Who: The REGENERATIVE Website' (a bit of a mouthful, we know). It wasn't until 2000 when we had a chance meeting with Tom Baker, where he actually suggested the name 'Doctor Who Online'. Who argues with The Doctor, right?

Is it true DWO is a 100% Spoiler-Free site?
It is true! We pride ourselves on the fact that we stay away from spoilers, or anything that gives away plot details that the BBC haven't officially confirmed themselves. You will also find that our popular online forum is 100% spoiler-free too.

Does DWO accept submissions from fans?
Absolutely! This site is for fans by fans, and we would be nothing without submissions from you. We always encourage submissions from fans and you can always email us using the address at the bottom of this editorial.

How many visitors does DWO get?

- 35,000+ Daily Visitors
- 49,000+ Forum members
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- 10,000+ Weekly DWO WhoCast Podcast Listeners

We hope that you enjoy this site as our team constantly strive to provide our visitors with a unique, enjoyable and interactive experience. If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us on the address below.

Sebastian J. Brook
Site Editor

E-mail your feedback to us at: feedback@drwho-online.co.uk


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