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May 2014

The Quoteable Doctor Who - [Hardback]

BBC Books

By Cavan Scott & Mark Wright


RRP:  £12.99
  22nd May 2014


"All of time and space. All things that ever happened or ever will. Where do you want to start?"

From a junkyard in Totter's Lane to the fields of Trenzalore, the last of the Time Lords has navigated the past, present and future using knowledge gathered from centuries of adventures in space and time. Now the authors of the bestselling Who-Ology have collected the best of that timey-wimey knowledge into one place. Covering themes of home and work, travel and technology, the history of the Earth and the fate of the future - you'll find a Doctor-y bon mot for every occasion here.

Collecting half a century of quips and quotes, and beautifully illustrated throughout, Wit, Wisdom and Timey-Wimey Stuff is your indispensable guide to life, love, mirth and monsters.




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No DVD releases this month.

186 - Tomb Ship

Big Finish Productions

The 5th Doctor
RRP: £14.99 (CD) / £12.99 (Download)

  May 2014


The TARDIS brings the Doctor and Nyssa to a vast pyramid, floating in space. A tomb ship – the last resting-place of the God-King of the Arrit, an incredibly advanced and incredibly ancient civilisation, long since extinct.

They’re not alone, however. Another old dynasty walks its twisted, trap-ridden passages – a family of tomb raiders led by a fanatical matriarch, whose many sons and daughters have been tutored in tales of the God-King’s lost treasure.

But those who seek the God-King will find death in their shadow. Death from below. Death from above. Death moving them back and forward, turning their own hearts against them.

Because only the dead will survive.

Written By: Gordon Rennie & Emma Beeby
Directed By:
Ken Bentley

Peter Davison (The Doctor), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa)


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The 4th Doctor Adventures - 3.05 - Last Of The Colophon

Big Finish Productions

The 4th Doctor
RRP: £10.99 (CD) / £8.99 (Download)

  May 2014


The planet Colophos is a dead world. Nothing but dust and rubble – and the ruins of a once-great civilisation. But is it really as dead as it appears?


When the Doctor and Leela land, joined by the crew of the Oligarch survey ship, it’s not long before they receive a communication from one of the ruins. A communication from Astaroth Morax, the last of the Colophon. Attended by a sadistic robot nurse, Morax is in a wheelchair and bound in bandages to conceal his terrible injuries.


But is he really as powerless as he seems? What became of the rest of his race – and why didn’t he die with them?

Entering his lair, the Doctor uncovers a terrifying secret…

Written By: Jonathan Morris
Directed By: Nicholas Briggs

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), Gareth Thomas (Morax), Jane Goddard (Nurse Torvik), John Voce (Chief Surveyor Hardwick), Jessica Martin (Deputy Surveyor Sutton), Blake Ritson (Pilot Kellaway)


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May 2014

The Quoteable Doctor Who
BBC Books

No releases confirmed this month.

Tomb Ship
Big Finish Productions
(The 5th Doctor)

The 4th Doctor Adventures:
Last Of The Colophon

Big Finish Productions
(The 4th Doctor)

No releases confirmed this month.


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