Episode Number: Episode Title: Transmission Date: Duration: Ratings in Millions:
1 Episode One 5/1/1985 44:17 mins 8.9
2 Episode Two 12/1/1985 44:29 mins 7.2
Season: Doctor: Producer: Writer: Script Editor: Director:
Twenty-Two The 6th Doctor John Nathan-Turner Paula Moore Eric Saward Matthew Robinson

Further Information

Regular Cast
The Doctor - Colin Baker
Peri - Nicola Bryant
Lytton - Maurice Colbourne
Griffiths - Brian Glover
Russell - Terry Molloy
Payne - James Beckett
Cyber Leader - David Banks
Cyber-Controller - Michael Kilgarriff
Flast - Faith Brown
Varne - Sarah Greene
Bates - Michael Attwell
Stratton - Jonathan David
Cyber-Lieutenant - Brian Orrell
Cyberman - John Ainley
Bill - Stephen Churchett
David - Stephen Wale
Rost - Sarah Berger
Threst - Esther Freud
Assistant Floor Manager - Pennie Bloomfield
Costumes - Anushia Nieradzik
Designer - Marjorie Pratt
Film Cameraman - Godfrey Johnson
Film Editor - M A C Adams
Incidental Music - Malcolm Clarke
Make-Up - Linda McInnes
Producer - John Nathan-Turner
Production Assistant - Llinos Wyn Jones
Production Associate - June Collins, Sue Anstruther
Script Editor - Eric Saward
Special Sounds - Dick Mills
Studio Lighting - Henry Barber
Studio Sound - Andy Stacey
Theme Arrangement - Peter Howell
Title Music - Ron Grainer
Visual Effects - Chris Lawson
The TARDIS is lured to Earth, London, 1985 by an alien distress signal. Investigating, the Doctor and Peri stumble upon an attempted bank robbery staged through the London sewers by a familiar foe – ex-Dalek agent, Lytton. But who is he working for this time?

For they soon discover there is something far nastier lurking in the sewers – Cybermen.

Why do the silver giants need a time machine? What is their devastating plan of attack? And what does it have to do with a catastrophic event that happened long ago in the Doctor’s past?
Additional Information
Working Title(s):
The Cold War

Things to look out for:
■  This is Peri's first visit to London.
■  The TARDIS lands at 76 Totter's Lane, which was where the First Doctor had his TARDIS during the events of the very first episode, An Unearthly Child.

All 2 episodes exist.

■  Near the end of Episode One, a Cyberman gets shot. When he falls, the back of the actor's head is clearly visible.
The scorch mark on the TARDIS wall, caused by Russell firing one of the Cybermen's weapons, is present several scenes before the actual event.
■  When Flast is being dragged out of the refrigerated chamber, a couple of the floor crew can be seen kneeling behind some boxes on the right-hand of the screen.
Merchandise Releases


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Attack of the Cybermen

Manufactured by:
BBC DVD / 2|Entertain (cat.#2436)

Format: DVD - Region 2 & 4 - PAL UK  Episodic

RRP: £20.42

Rating: U

Released: 16th March 2009

Special Features:

Commentary by Colin Baker (The Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Terry Molloy (Russell), and Sarah Berger (Rost)
■  The Cold War – Cast and crew look back on the making of the story, featuring writer Eric Saward, director Matthew Robinson, continuity advisor Ian Levine and film cameraman Godfrey Johnson
■  The Cyber Story – A brief history of the Cybermen in the classic series
■  Human Cyborg – An interview with Professor Kevin Warwick
■  The Cyber-Generations – A gallery of Cybermen through the history of the series
■  PDF Materials – Radio Times listings for Attack of the Cybermen and The Invasion, plus a 1969 article from The Listener (PDF DVD-ROM)
■  Isolated Score
■  Trails and Continuity
■  Photo Gallery
■  Digitally remastered picture and sound quality


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Attack of the Cybermen

Manufactured by: BBC Video (cat #7048)
Format: VHS - PAL UK - Episodic
RRP: £24.99
Rating: U

Released: 6th November 2000



Released as part of 'The Cybermen Box-Set' (cat #7048) together with The Tenth Planet.


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Attack of the Cybermen

Manufactured by: BBC Audio
Format: Audio Cassette
RRP: ?

Released: 7th August 1995

Abridged version. Read by Colin Baker.


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Attack of the Cybermen

Manufactured by: Target
Format: Paperback Book
Written by: Eric Saward

Published: 20th April 1989

No.138 in the Target Doctor Who Library.

Enlarge Image

Attack of the Cybermen

Manufactured by: Target
Format: Paperback Book
Written by: Eric Saward

Published: 15th October 1992

No.138 in the Target Doctor Who Library.


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