Episode Number: Episode Title: Transmission Date: Duration: Ratings (in Millions):
1 Planet of Giants 31/10/1964 23:15 Mins 8.4
2 Dangerous Journey 7/11/1964 23:40 Mins 8.4
3 Crisis 14/11/1964 26:35 Mins 8.9
Season: Doctor: Producer(s): Writer: Script Editor: Directors:
Two The 1st Doctor Verity Lambert,
Mervyn Pinfield
Louis Marks David Whitaker Mervyn Pinfield,
Douglas Camfield

Further Information

Regular Cast
The Doctor - William Hartnell
Ian Chesterton - William Russell
Barbara Wright - Jacqueline Hill
Susan - Carole Ann Ford
Forester - Alan Tilvern
Farrow - Frank Crawshaw
Smithers - Reginald Barratt
Hilda Rowse - Rosemary Johnson
Bert Rowse - Fred Ferris
Designer - Raymond Cusick
Assistant Floor Manager - Dawn Robertson
Assistant Floor Manager - Val McCrimmon
Associate Producer - Mervyn Pinfield
Costumes - Daphne Dare
Incidental Music - Dudley Simpson
Make-Up - Jill Summers
Production Assistant - Norman Stewart
Special Sound - Brian Hodgson
Studio Lighting - Howard King
Studio Sound - Alan Fogg
Whilst trying to return Ian and Barbara to the twentieth century, the Doctor attempts an unorthodox new technique, causing the TARDIS doors to open in mid-flight, setting alarms ringing inside the craft.
Arriving on Earth, the time-travellers discover that they have all been reduced in size - they are now minute people in a world of giant objects. The TARDIS has landed them between the cracks in a garden patio - a garden teeming with giant worms, ants and cats. All deadly hazards for the miniature travellers.
To make matters worse, the TARDIS crew are caught up in the trials of a deadly new insecticide - DN6. A chemical so deadly that all insect life is threatened - a chemical that is also lethal to minuscule time-travellers...
Additional Information
Working Title(s):
■  Death in the Afternoon
■  The Miniscules

Things to look out for:
■  An emergency klaxon is heard in the TARDIS in episode one which appears to be a forerunner of the Cloister bell.

■  All 3 episodes exist as 16mm telerecordings.

■  At the end of episode 2 the sink is emptied and the plug is placed upon the bench. At the beginning of episode 3 the plug is back in the sink providing a method of escape.
Merchandise Releases


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Planet Of Giants

Manufactured by: BBC DVD / 2|Entertain (cat.#3479)

Format: DVD - Region 2 & 4 - PAL UK  Episodic

RRP: £20.42
Rating: PG

Released: 20th August 2012

Special Features:

■  Commentary - with vision mixer Clive Doig, special sounds creator Brian Hodgson, make-up supervisor Sonia Markham and floor assistant David Tilley. Moderated by Mark Ayres.
■  Episode 3 and 4 Reconstruction - Originally shot as a four-part story, the final two episodes of Planet of Giants were edited into a single episode for transmission. Using the original scripts, newly recorded dialogue and animation, this feature gives viewers and idea of how the original four-part version might have appeared.
■  Rediscovering The Urge to Live - The team behind the reconstruction explain how it was put together.
■  Suddenly Susan - Carole Ann Ford talks about her role as the Doctor’s granddaughter and the first companion in the TARDIS in this interview originally recorded for 2003’s The Story of Doctor Who.
■  The Lambert Tapes - The Doctor Doctor Who’s original producer looks back on her time on the series in the second part of this interview recorded for The Story of Doctor Who.
■  Prop Design Plans (DVD-ROM only – to be viewed on PC/Mac).
■  Radio Times Listings (DVD-ROM) .
■  Programme Subtitles.
■  Production Information Subtitles.
■  Photo Gallery.
■  Coming Soon Trailer.
■  Digitally remastered picture and sound quality.


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Planet of Giants

Manufactured by: BBC Video (cat.#7263)

Format: VHS - PAL UK - Episodic
RRP: £12.99
Rating: U

Released: 14th January 2002


This was the first commercially-released story to receive the VidFIRE process.


Not yet released on Audio.


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Planet of Giants

Manufactured by: Target
Format: Paperback Book
Written by: Terrance Dicks

RRP: £1.99

Published: 18th January 1990


No.145 in the Target Doctor Who Library.

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