Episode Number: Episode Title: Transmission Date: Duration: Ratings (in Millions):
1 A Land of Fear 8/8/1964 24:24 Mins 6.9
2 Guests of Madame Guillotine 15/8/1964 24:04 Mins 6.9
3 A Change of Identity 22/8/1964 25:23 Mins 6.9
4 The Tyrant of France 29/8/1964 24:26 Mins 6.4
5 A Bargain of Necessity 5/9/1964 23:51 Mins 6.9
6 Prisoners of Conciergerie 12/9/1964 25:04 Mins 6.4
Season: Doctor: Producer(s): Writer: Script Editor: Director(s):
One The 1st Doctor Verity Lambert,
Mervyn Pinfield
Dennis Spooner David Whitaker Henric Hirsch,
John Gorrie

Further Information

Regular Cast
The Doctor - William Hartnell
Ian Chesterton - William Russell
Barbara Wright - Jacqueline Hill
Susan - Carole Ann Ford
Small Boy - Peter Walker
Rouvray - Laidlaw Dalling
D'Argenson - Neville Smith
Sergeant - Robert Hunter
Lieutenant - Ken Lawrence
Soldier - James Hall
Judge - Howard Charlton
Jailer - Jack Cunningham
Webster - Jeffry Wickham
Overseer - Dallas Cavell
Peasant - Dennis Cleary
Lemaitre / James Stirling - James Cairncross
Jean - Roy Herrick
Jules Renan - Donald Morley
Shopkeeper - John Barrard
Danielle - Caroline Hunt
Léon Colbert - Edward Brayshaw
Maximilien Robespierre - Keith Anderson
Physician - Ronald Pickup
Soldier - Terry Bale
Paul Barras - John Law
Napoléon Bonaparte - Tony Wall
Soldier - Patrick Marley
Designer - Roderick Laing
Costumes - Daphne Dare
Make-Up - Jill Summers, Sonia Markham
Incidental Music - Stanley Myers
Film Cameraman - Peter Hamilton
Film Editor - Caroline Shields
Studio Lighting - Howard King
Studio Sound - Ray Angel, Chick Anthony
Production Assistant - Timothy Combe
Assistant Floor Manager - Michael Cager
It is 1794 and the TARDIS materialises some distance away from Paris during the French Revolution - the infamous Reign of Terror.
Soon the TARDIS crew find themselves caught up in the tangled web of historical events. Imprisoned in a dank dungeon, Ian is entrusted with delivering a message to master-spy James Stirling.
Who is James Stirling? What world-shattering events are being discussed in a deserted inn off the Calais road? And can the Doctor and his friends escape a violent and bloody death at the dreaded guillotine?
Additional Information
Working Title(s):
■  N/A

Things to look out for:
■  William Russell appears only in pre-filmed inserts in Episode Two and Episode Three, as he was on holiday during the weeks when they were recorded.

■  Episodes 1, 2, 3 & 6 exist as 16mm telerecordings.
■  Episodes 4 & 5 are missing.
■  If you have information regarding the whereabouts of any of these episodes, please Email Us!

■  The sounds of the TARDIS control room can be heard in the forest before the TARDIS materializes.
■  The TARDIS lands silently in the Forest.
Merchandise Releases


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The Reign of Terror

Manufactured by: BBC DVD / 2|Entertain (cat.#3528)

Format: DVD - Region 2 & 4 - PAL UK  Episodic

RRP: £20.42
Rating: PG

Released: 28th January 2013

Special Features:

■  Commentary - (original episodes 1, 2, 3 & 6) with Carole Ann Ford (Susan), Neville Smith (D'Argenson), Jeffry Wickham (Webster), Caroline Hunt (Danielle), Patrick Marley (Soldier) and Tim Combe (Production Assistant).

■  Commentary - (animated episode 4) with actor Ronald Pickup (Physician).

■  Commentary - (animated episode 5) with missing episode hunters Philip Morris and Paul Vanezis.
■  Don't Lose Your Head - Making of The Reign Of Terror, with William Russell (Ian), Carole Ann Ford and Tim Combe.
■  Set Tour - A virtual tour of the 2D sets for animated episodes 4 & 5.
■  Animation Design Gallery.
■  Photo Gallery.
■  Comin Soon Trailer.
■  Production Information Subtitles.
■  Programme Subtitles.
■  Digitally Remastered Picture and Sound Quality.


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The Reign of Terror Box-set

Manufactured by: BBC Video (cat.#7335)

Format: VHS - PAL UK - Episodic
RRP: £19.99
Rating: PG

Released: 24th November 2003


The surviving episodes (Episode 1, 2, 3 & 6) were released alongside The Faceless Ones (Episodes 1 & 3) and the The Web Of Fear (Episode 1) as part of a two-tape release entitled The Reign of Terror Box-set.


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The Reign of Terror

Manufactured by: BBC Audio
Audio CD
RRP: £13.99

Released: 6th February 2006


The Original BBC Television Soundtrack. Contains 2 x CDs.
Includes bonus interview with Carole Ann Ford


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The Reign of Terror

Manufactured by: Target
Format: Paperback Book
Written by: Ian Marter

RRP: £1.95

Published: 20th August 1987


No.119 in the Target Doctor Who Library.

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