Episode Number: Episode Title: Transmission Date: Duration: Ratings (in Millions):
3.11 Utopia 16/6/2007 45 mins approx 7.84
3.12 The Sound of Drums 23/6/2007 45 mins approx 7.51
3.13 Last of the Time Lords 30/6/2007 45 mins approx 8.61
Season: Doctor: Producer: Script Editor: Writer: Director:
Three David Tennant Suzie Liggat Simon Winstone Russell T. Davies Collin Teague

Further Information

Regular Cast
The Doctor - David Tennant
Martha Jones - Freema Agyeman
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Harry Saxon becomes Prime Minister, and his reign of terror begins, in the penultimate episode of Russell T Davies's Doctor Who. This is only the start of his ambitions, however, as he announces mankind's first contact with an alien race, the Toclafane. An audacious plan, spanning the whole of time and space, begins to close around the Earth.
Additional Information
Working Title:

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The complete Episode exists.

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Merchandise Releases



Title Information:

  • Series 3 Volume 4

  • Edited episodic format

  • UK PAL - Released 20th August 2007

  • BBC DVD cat.#2605

  • Contains: Utopia, The Sound of Drums & Last of the Time Lords.


Title Information:

  • The Complete Third Series Box-set

  • Edited episodic format

  • UK PAL - Released 5th November 2007

  • BBC DVD cat.#2385

Special Features:

  • Deleted Scenes

  • Video Diaries

  • Doctor Who Confidential

  • Outtakes

  • Trailers

  • Audio Commentaries

Not yet released on Audio.
Not yet released as a Book.


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