Doctor Who Online

VORTEXTRA: Doctor Who Online, Series 3 Episode 10 - Blink, Weeping Angels, The Doctor and Martha

VORTEXTRA - 3.10: Blink
Welcome to Haunted House - a game based on 3.10: Blink.

You are The Doctor, and armed only with your trusty Sonic Screwdriver, you have to defeat the Weeping Angels once and for all.

Zap the Weeping Angel windows to earn 1 point, and zap the Sonic Screwdriver windows to top-up your power levels.

If you zap a Sally window, you will 2 bars of sonic power. If you miss too many Weeping Angel windows in succession, you will lose 1 bar of sonic power.

Look out for the Bonus Pack windows - these are worth 100 points! - Whatever you do, DONT BLINK!

The game will end when you have lost all 5 bars of sonic power, and depending on your score you could find yourself top of the DWO Games Leaderboard.
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