Doctor Who Online

Vortextra: Doctor Who Online, Series 3 Episode 1 - Smith and Jones with Jadoon and the Doctor and Martha

VORTEXTRA - 3.1 Smith and Jones
Welcome to Judoon Lander - a game based on 3.1: Smith and Jones.

Steer the Judoon ship and get it to touch-down on the landing pad. If you do it within the designated time you will receive points dependent on how much time you have left. If you miss the pad or come down too quickly then you will lose a life. Watch out for the flying meteors - coming in contact with one of these will make you lose a life too.

Look out for the Judoon Escape Capsules - these are greyish in colour, and will earn you bonus points.

This is your chance to help the invasion force, do your bit for the Judoon people and lets take the moon.
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