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VORTEXTRA: Doctor Who Online, Series 3 Episode 9 - The Family of Blood, Jack Straw Scarecrows, The Doctor and Martha

VORTEXTRA - 3.9: The Family of Blood
Welcome to Bloodline - a game based on 3.9: The Family of Blood.

You are Martha Jones, and you're not very happy! The Doctor (as John Smith) is otherwise preoccupied, and you've been left to clear up the hallways of the school. You stumble upon a corridor where there is blood dripping from the ceiling. With your trusty maid's bucket, you have to catch as much of it as you can for analysis in the TARDIS later on.

Every drop of blood you catch will gain you 1 point. Any drop of blood you miss will cause you to lose a life.

Watch out for The Doctor's Fob Watch - it's worth 100 bonus points!

The game will end when you have lost all 3 lives, and depending on your score you could find yourself top of the DWO Games Leaderboard.
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