Doctor Who Online

VORTEXTRA: Doctor Who Online, Series 3 Episode 6 - The Lazarus Experiment, Professor Richard Lazarus, The Doctor and Martha

VORTEXTRA - 3.6: The Lazarus Experiment
Welcome to Lab Rats - a game based on 3.6: The Lazarus Experiment.

You are a lab rat, and you are stuck in the maze-like power grids at LazLabs, you need to find your way to Professor Richard Lazarus' Genetic Manipulation Device, where you stand a chance of escaping through the doors of the machine.

Beware the radioactive lab rat! He too is trying to get out, and if he succeeds before you, his radioactivity will activate the machine and it will be Game Over.

Look out for cheese along the way, which will gain you 100 bonus points!

If you beat the radioactive lab rat to the exit, your remaining time will be calculated into points.

The game will end after either you or the radioactive lab rat complete the maze, and depending on your score you could find yourself top of the DWO Games Leaderboard.
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