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VORTEXTRA - 3.12: The Sound of Drums
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Vortextra: Doctor Who Online, Series 3 Episode 12 - The Sound of Drums with The Master, The Toclafane, The Doctor, Martha and Captain Jack Harkness

VORTEXTRA - 3.12: The Sound of Drums
Harry Saxon becomes Prime Minister, and his reign of terror begins, in the penultimate episode of Russell T Davies's Doctor Who. This is only the start of his ambitions, however, as he announces mankind's first contact with an alien race, the Toclafane. An audacious plan, spanning the whole of time and space, begins to close around the Earth.

In this weeks VORTEXTRA... Discuss 3.12: The Sound of Drums, Rate the Episode and check out our Episode Guide entry for it. View our facts about Parliament, take part in our The Sound of Drums Quiz and play our Exclusive Fireball Game -- where you have to destroy the Toclafane with your trusty Sonic Screwdriver.

NEXT WEEK... VORTEXTRA explores the final episode of Series Three; 3.13: Last of the Time Lords.
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