Doctor Who Online

Vortextra: Doctor Who Online, 2007 Christmas Special Voyage of the Damend, with The Doctor, Astrid and The Hosts

VORTEXTRA - 4.0: Voyage of the Damned
Welcome to Iceberg - a game based on 4.0: Voyage of the Damned.

The Doctor has taken a brief break from the events on board the Spaceship Titanic to brush up on his obstacle avoidance skills. On board the TARDIS, he boots up a program based on the events on the original Titanic. As The Doctor, you need to avoid the Icebergs by steering the ship left and right.

For this game, you have 3 lives.

For every Iceberg you successfully dodge, you will gain 10 points, for every Iceberg that hits you, you will lose 1 life.

Along the way, you need to pick up as many Bonus Buoy's as you can:

The Yellow 50 Buoy is worth 50 points.
The Red 100 Buoy is worth 100 points.
The Blue 500 Buoy is worth 500 points.

The game will end when you have lost all 3 lives, and depending on your score you could find yourself top of the DWO Games Leaderboard.
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