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Ranking The 13 Doctors From Worst To First
By Doctor Who Online

Doctor Who debuted on British television in 1963 and since it arrived on screens, 13 different actors have played The Doctor. Different generations of fans have been turned onto the show thanks to the men and women who portrayed The Doctor. Fans of the television show can explore this offer and wager on the top television shows such as Doctor Who during the year. With 13 actors having played The Doctor, we rank them from worst to first.

13. Colin Baker 1984-86

Fans are often split on Colin Baker’s portrayal of Doctor Who. Why? The mid-1980s version of the Time Lord came off as too flamboyant with over the top outfits and personality. Doctor Who fans can check IWCA-SWCA for the latest betting on the famous television show.

12. Sylvester McCoy 1987-1989

Sylvester McCoy had the infamous reputation of being the final Time Lord before the series was cancelled in 1989. Despite having a short run as The Doctor, a segment of fans like McCoy’s portrayal as it took the Time Lord from being a bumbling hero to a more powerful character.

11. Paul McGann 1996

Paul McGann’s on-screen portrayal of The Doctor was brief. He starred in the 1996 Doctor Who TV film that was created in hopes renewed popularity would lead to a series re-launch. It never happened but McGann was the face of the Doctor Who franchise for over a decade after the film.

10. Peter Davison 1982-84

Although Peter Davison was incredibly popular as The Doctor when he took over the role, he has been eclipsed by others since. Davison was only 29 when he took the role, the second youngest actor to play the Time Lord.

9. Patrick Troughton 1966-69

Patrick Troughton was the second man to ever play The Doctor. Troughton played a very child-like version of The Doctor and some have compared his time as the Time Lord to that of our No. 8.

8. Matt Smith 2010-13

Matt Smith has received a lot of praise for his work on Doctor Who and most lists would have him very high. However, there was something about Smith that just didn’t feel right. Perhaps it was because he followed David Tennant and stronger actors followed him.

7. Jon Pertwee 1970-1974

Jon Pertwee oozed 1970s cool. Perhaps his character was influenced by the times, but Pertwee excelled in a low-fi Doctor Who world.

6. Jodie Whittaker 2018-present

Jodie Whittaker gets a high ranking due to her being the first woman to portray Doctor Who. It isn’t easy for a new actor to step into the famous role and it is even more difficult when the character is played by the opposite sex.

5. Tom Baker 1974-1981

The show’s original popularity height hit with Tom Baker as The Doctor. For seven years, he played the Time Lord and a generation of fans think of Baker when they hear the words Doctor Who.

4. William Hartnell 1963-1966

The original man to play the Doctor Who character, William Hartnell, was already in his 50s when the show debuted. He gave the character and older, professor-type feel. Without Hartnell first playing Doctor Who, we wouldn’t have the character we do today.

3. Christopher Eccleston 2005

Christopher Eccleston was only in the Doctor Who role for one series, but he still made enough of an impression to land high on our list. It was Eccleston’s portrayal of The Doctor that revitalised the series following its 1989 cancelation.

2. Peter Capaldi 2013-2017

A strong, suave Doctor, Peter Capaldi was a breath of fresh air after the weak, whiney Smith-era Time Lord. Capaldi’s acting skills will be remembered for making his three series very memorable.

1. David Tennant 2005-2010

David Tennant is the modern Doctor Who. The series hit its mainstream peak with Tennant as The Doctor. Thanks to Tennant, a new generation of fans were created and even old ones brought back to the show.

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