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The Past, Present And Future Of The Doctor Who Franchise
By Doctor Who Online
You’d be hard pushed to find anyone who has never heard of Doctor Who, regardless of whether they’ve seen an episode or not. It’s a global phenomenon that dates back over fifty years.

But what makes the Doctor Who franchise so special and how can it continue to enjoy the success it has reaped for so many years?

Doctor Who – the BBC’s biggest international TV show

In 2011, Doctor Who was the biggest-selling international TV show produced by the BBC, beating other popular TV shows like Strictly Come Dancing, Lonely Planet and Top Gear. That year, the Doctor Who franchise saw a huge growth in revenue by 45%, which included download-to-own and DVD sales. It also enjoyed a 50% increase in revenue across Europe.

And it is undoubtedly down to all of the memorabilia available for fans that keeps this franchise moving from success to success. However, many started to question just how the franchise would keep this momentum alive. That was until the BBC released a statement in July, naming Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor Who and the first female Doctor.

Efforts to further Increase the popularity of Doctor Who

Those behind the Doctor Who franchise are always trying expand the product, they’ve brought the TV series into the 21st century by making it a dominant force within the gaming industry. With online gaming growing in popularity, the Doctor Who franchise has also released a slot game that will capture its fans’ imaginations. Slot games that are based on TV shows are incredibly popular, Wink Slots provide a vast range of games that are centred on our favourite TV shows. This latest slot game is sure to be popular with Doctor Who fans, and who knows, it could even widen the fan base further.

Female Doctor rejuvenates the Doctor Who franchise

The ground-breaking decision of casting a woman as the first female doctor caused ripples around the world as it is the first time it has happened in 54 years. Some hailed it political correctness gone wrong – but many suggest this latest move by the BBC will skyrocket Doctor Who to even greater success.

Some experts have said that this latest development is desperately needed for the Doctor Who franchise. The latest reincarnation of the Doctor Who series has been running for 12 years with ten seasons in total. During this time, the TV marketplace has become even more crowded, with TV producers having to fight to keep their shows relevant and engaging.

Doctor Who needed to stand out from the crowd, with the fact it’s one of the oldest sci-fi series available no longer being enough. Therefore, some say that making the Doctor a woman wasn’t just a necessity – it was inevitable.

Fans will be able to cast their mind back to 2011 when the episode ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ was first aired. This was the first time the notion of Time Lords being able to change sex was made, planting the seed of opportunity in place. Over the next three seasons, the Master (traditionally a male character) became regenerated as a woman, with Michelle Gomez playing Missy. It was a success, with many fans hailing Gomez’s appearance as the best portrayal of the character since his introduction in 1971. So, if fans can accommodate a female Master, they can definitely follow the notion of the Doctor being a woman, too.

With all of these latest twists and turns, Doctor Who is likely to be a popular franchise for many years to come – perhaps even enjoying an entire century in the spotlight.

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