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Top 10 Things Even Hardcore Fans Do Not Know About Doctor Who
By Doctor Who Online

Doctor Who often splits the audience. Either you absolutely love it or you find the universe a bit odd. Regardless, it is an amazing show and really shows creativity from the writers. It is no wonder that the series has become so popular and has almost reached a cult-like status already. Do you fancy yourself a bit of a hardcore fan of the show? Have you watched the series several times? If so, this is for you! Keep on reading and find out if you are as big of a fan as you think you are. These top 10 things will undoubtedly go great with the rest of your vast knowledge about the Doctor Who universe. Enjoy the read!

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1. Did you know that what has now become a part of his attire, the now-iconic bow tie almost didn’t make it onto the show as Steven Moffat initially opposed Matt Smith wearing it!

2. All of the Silurians seen since 2010 and “The Hungry Earth” were all played by the same three actors. Crazy, huh?

3. The episode “The Impossible Astronaut” which first aired in 2011 was the very first episode to be filmed where the actual actors were actually present on-location. Before then, all scenes were filmed in New York and then blended in with the scenery. It’s amazing what can be done with technology these days!

4. Tom Baker has appeared as Doctor Who more times than anyone else on screen, but Paul McGann is technically the longest-serving doctor, although he has only appeared twice on television.

5. The reason why the TARDIS has a six-sided control panel is because it was designed to have 6 people operating it.

6. Also, the reason why the TARDIS makes those groaning sounds and hisses during landing is because the Doctor forgets to take the break off.

7. The Weeping Angels are an ancient race of aliens (as you of course know!), but did you know that they were inspired from Steven Moffats childhood from when he saw a similar looking carved figure at a graveyard marked “dangerous” which of course piques hit interest in it.

8. The TARDIS only looks like a police box because its cloaking device, the so-called chameleon circuit, unfortunately malfunctioned after the very first trip to 1963s London.

9. The trusted sonic screwdriver is a stable in the inventory of the doctor, but did you know that it was actually written out of the series back in the 80s because the writers felt that the device made the doctor’s life too easy.

10. You probably already know that the Time Lords, the race that the doctor belongs to, are only able to regenerate a total of 12 ties. But did you know that there are loopholes that remove this limitation? This probably won’t be the last reincarnation of the doctor as regeneration cycles can be refreshed. The Elixir of Life which is guarded by the Sisterhood on Karn also has the capability to trigger regeneration.

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