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Top 5 Doctor Who Episodes That Are Worth Writing an Assignment About
By Doctor Who Online

To some people, Doctor Who is just another silly, colorful science fiction television show that does not deserve the hype it attracts. To others, it is the greatest story to ever grace the small screen.

To fans, Doctor Who is everything Television should aspire to be: witty, insightful, and profound.

It is little wonder that Doctor Who has become a popular topic of discussion. So many of the show’s episodes deserve additional exploration; and if you were tasked with doing just that, to produce an assignment on the franchise’s greatest hits(or order one from, the following would, no doubt, weasel their way into your work:

1). Blink

Blink could be touted as the perfect assignment because it is a representation of everything that makes Doctor Who great. It shows the charm of the show, and the doctor, and his companions.

It also shows that, for the most part, the stories take the lead in Doctor Who, not necessarily the Doctor.

The Doctor’s appearances in Blink are ridiculously scarce, and yet the show survives on the merits of its plot and the supporting cast, most of whom are never seen or heard from again.

If anyone needs to explain why Doctor who matters, why so many people love the show, they only have to look at the various parts that make Blink so great.

2). The Day of the Doctor

The Day of the Doctor is universally loved because it is one of the very few episodes in the entire series that actually brings the different incarnations of the doctor together.

That concept alone deserves a lengthy essay. Blink works because it is a representation of everything that makes Doctor Who stories great. The Day of the Doctor warrants further exploration in assignment format because it shows what makes the Doctor himself so great.

It allows the titular alien to essentially face his past and future mistakes, and to consider every failure that haunts his dreams. This is as deep an insight into the character of the Doctor as you could ever hope to get.

3). Midnight

Midnight is often a source of contention among Doctor Who fans. Some absolutely love it while others hate it. The episode is the tenth in the fourth season of New Who and it finds David Tennant’s Doctor Stranded on a tourist shuttle on a planet with a harsh, corrosive surface.

While it has been criticized for its seemingly simplistic setting, Midnight also takes the show back to its roots. It reminds viewers that Doctor Who was once educational but also quite scary.

And yet, the episode’s chilling aspects are not necessarily the reason it would make a perfect assignment but, rather, the effort it injects into humanizing the Doctor.

Tennant’s Doctor was always larger than life, the oncoming storm, rage, and fury personified. The producers went to great lengths to build a near invincible façade around him.

But then Midnight came and even the most ardent fans were forced to accept a shocking conclusion: the doctor was human. Yes, he had two hearts and an intellect that could kick start entire universes, but he was no less fragile, no less frail, no less breakable.

Midnight ends on a note that encourages you to stop, to think, to ponder.

4). Vincent and the Doctor

Vincent and the Doctor is a sad, sad episode. As far as assignments go, this one isn’t even that hard to write. You have a man that was maligned all his life for his art.

But he held onto the belief that one day, it would all be worth it. One day, his art would find the audience that would appreciate it. And then he was given a glimpse of the future, a look at all the wonder and the glory his name would draw for centuries and even millennia to come.

Yet his life still collapsed into misery. Vincent and the Doctor is a powerful exploration of the tragedy of the human condition. Who wouldn’t want to put a topic like that under a microscope?

5). Turn Left

Turn Left is fascinating because people don’t give it much thought, and yet when they remember it, they have only good things to say. Donna Noble is one of the most popular Doctor Who companions.

But she also never thought that highly of herself, and to an extent, she wasn’t wrong. Her best friend was the Doctor. Who wouldn’t feel inferior?

For that reason, one can probably see why Left Turn lends itself to an explorative assignment. Donna represents every single person who has ever had the fortune and misfortune of walking in the shadow of a much grander figure.

Donna’s story also shows that everyone matters, that even the most seemingly insignificant soul has a critical role to play in the larger scheme.

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