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  Format:   Book
  Written by:   Gary Russell
  Publisher:   BBC / Random House
  ISBN:   978-1-84-607291-8
  Product Release Date:   4/10/2007
  RRP:   £14.99
  Reviewed by:   Doctor Who Online
The definitive A-Z, packed with never seen before photos, concept drawings and special effects artwork.

This is a must for every fan of the new series "Doctor Who". Covering both Christopher Eccelston and David Tennant's "Doctors" this encyclopedia is the perfect companion for anyone wishing to know more about the Doctor, the Tardis, his friends and enemies and the worlds through which he travels.

This is the "Doctor Who" book all the fans have been waiting for. It is written by Gary Russell the author of the bestselling "Doctor Who: Inside Story".


  Submitted:   14/9/2007
  Reviewer:   Doctor Who Online

Before this book, Gary Russell's previous offering was the highly praised Doctor Who: The Inside Story. How could he possibly follow the success of the aforementioned book? The answer, simply put, is with Doctor Who The Encyclopedia.

The Encyclopedia's content is every bit as stunning as its aesthetically breath-taking front cover. With never before seen photos, a whole plethora of fascinating facts, and of course, the A-Z of everything from the new series of Doctor Who - it certainly lives up to its subtitle as 'The Definitive Guide'!

Having been an avid collector of all previous Doctor Who reference books and guides, I was a little skeptical of how much use this book could actually be. How wrong I was!

Only with The Encyclopedia can you find out the name of the novel the 9th Doctor speed-read in 1.1: Rose, the name of the home world of the Graske, Jabe the Tree's full name, and the name of the restaurant where The Doctor and Margaret Slitheen dined.

Kudos to Gary Russell for the obvious hard work undertaken here, which together with his cavernous Doctor Who knowledge produced a fine addition to every fans' Doctor Who book collection.

Doctor Who The Encyclopedia truly is a must-have item for anyone daring enough to call themselves a Doctor Who fan.

© Copyright Doctor Who Online, 2007.

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Submitted: 14/9/2007




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