Peladon Tales - Box set


  Format:   DVD
  Written by:   Brian Hayles
  Directed by:    Lennie Mayne
  Duration:   97 minutes & 146 minutes
  Transmission Date:   29/1/1972 & 23/3/1974
  Cover Design by:   Clayton Hickman
  Sleeve Text by:   Sue Cowley & Moray Laing
  Product Release Date:   18/1/2010
  RRP:   £29.99
  Classification:   Classification: U
  Reviewed by:   Doctor Who Online
The Third Doctor must face his old enemies The Ice Warriors, in these two classic 1970's adventures set on the feudal world of Peladon!

Special Features

 The Curse of Peladon - Disc 1

· Commentary - by Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Barry Letts (Producer), Terrance Dicks (Script Editor) and Chris D'Oyly-John (Production Assistant), moderated by Toby Hadoke.
· The Peladon Saga - Part One - Cast and crew recall the making of The Curse of Peladon. Including interviews with Donald Gee, Nina Thomas and Ralph Watson.
· Warriors of Mars - A brief history of the Ice Warriors in Doctor Who by the people who designed and brought them to life.
· Jon and Katy - A look back at one of the most fondly remembered Doctor/Companion pairings in the show's history - Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor and Katy Manning's UNIT agent, Jo Grant.
· Storyboard Comparison - Visual effects designer Ian Scoones' hand-drawn storyboards for the opening sequence are compared with the final version as seen on screen.
· Radio Times Billings - (DVD-ROM - PC/Mac)
· Programme Information Subtitles
· Photo Gallery
· Coming Soon Trailer
· Digitally remastered picture and sound quality

The Monster of Peladon - Disc 2 - (Main feature on Disc 1)

· Commentary - by Nina Thomas (Queen Thalira), Donald Gee (Eckersley), Ralph Watson (Ettis), Stuart Fell (Alpha Centauri), Barry Letts (Producer), Terrance Dicks (Script Editor), moderated by Toby Hadoke.
· Fan Commentary - For Episode Four only, with fans Rob Shearman, Mark Aldridge, Kate Du-Rose and Philip Newman.
· The Peladon Saga - Part Two - Cast and crew recall the making of The Monster of Peladon. Including interviews with Katy Manning, Sonny Caldinez and Nick Hobbs.
· Deleted Scene - A recreation of a deleted scene based on a surviving audio recording.
· Where Are They Now? - David Jacobs interviews actress Ysanne Churchman, who provided the voice for alien ambassador Alpha Centauri in both Peladon stories, in this extract from the 1980 television series.
· On Target - Terrance Dicks - A celebration of the many Doctor Who stories Terrance novelised for the Target book range over the years.
· PDF Material - Radio Times billings, BBC Enterprises sales literature, and a studio floor plan (DVD-ROM - PC/Mac)
· Programme Information Subtitles
· Photo Gallery
· Coming Soon Trailer
· Digitally remastered picture and sound quality


  Submitted:   9/2/2010
  Reviewer:   Doctor Who Online

The Curse of Peladon

The Curse of Peladon, for many, is a textbook Doctor Who adventure. With a healthy mix of mystery, deception, villainy and suspense, the story is as entertaining as any new series offering, and has held up well to the test of time. With secret passages, allies who are villains and villains who are allies, there are more twists and turns than the underground tunnels of Peladon itself.

The selection of features for this release is adequate, and compared to previous DVD releases like 'Black Orchid', you can't help feeling there is more distance for extra content.

The 'Commentary' is moderated seamlessly by Toby Hadoke, who also provides some informative facts connected with the story. Joining Toby is Barry Letts (Producer), Terrance Dicks (Script Editor), Katy Manning (Jo Grant) and Chris D'Oyly-John (Production Assistant). It proves to be a rather amusing commentary, with all parties contributing equally, together with a great selection of amusing and revealing stories.

'The Peladon Saga - Part One', is by far the highlight of the extras on this disc, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Curse of Peladon. Although it's not as in-depth as previous 'making of' documentaries, it looks at the production of the adventure as well as putting it in political context with the time.

'Warriors of Mars', gives us a history of The Ice Warriors. There's a chronological look at their appearances in Doctor Who, as well as the different classes of Ice Warrior. Narrated by Donald Gee, the feature provides interviews with Sonny Caldinez (Ice Warrior), Bernard Bresslaw (Ice Warrior), Sylvia James (Make-Up Supervisor) Michael Ferguson (Director), Terrance Dicks (Script Editor) Alan Bennion (Ice Lord), Barry Letts (Producer) and Brian Hodgson (BBC Radiophonic Workshop).

'Jon and Katy', looks at the pairing of Jon Pertwee (The Doctor) and Katy Manning (Jo Grant), with interviews from Katy Manning, Terrance Dicks and Barry Letts. In the feature, Katy looks back with genuine love for both her character, and John as an actor and friend.

The 'Storyboard Comparison' compares design sketches with the final shot, together with soundtrack excerpts that lead up to the clips.

As with previous DVD releases, there are the usual 'PDF Material', 'Photo Gallery' and 'Production Subtitles' included.

The Monster of Peladon

The Monster of Peladon heralds the second (and final) chapter in the Peladon Saga - albeit a slightly long-winded story, weighing in at six episodes. There's a wonderful sense of continuity mixed with enough fresh elements to rejuvenate the settings and situations, and with a rather feisty Sarah Jane Smith, helps add another level to the Doctor / Companion dynamic.

As with The Curse of Peladon, this release is a little feature light - even though there is one disc for the story and another for the features, that being said, the quality of the extras is in no way compromised, and adds value to an already worthwhile box-set.

The 'Commentary' is again moderated by Toby Hadoke, and features Terrance Dicks (Script Editor), Barry Letts (Producer), Nina Thomas (Queen Thalira), Donald Gee (Eckersley), Ralph Watson (Ettis) and Stuart Fell (Alpha Centauri). Once more, Toby does a great job with the direction coupled with his Doctor Who knowledge, and both Terrance and Barry add some entertaining memories, but it can't help feeling a little overshadowed by the Curse commentary, owing to vacancy of Katy Manning and her boundless energy.

There's also a 'Fan Commentary' for episode Four of the story, featuring Rob Shearman, Mark Aldridge, Kate Du-Rose and Philip Newman. The commentary is well placed as it breaks up the pace and dynamic of the commentary thus far, and it's nice to hear a take on the story from a fans perspective - or in this case four!

'The Peladon Saga - Part Two', follows on from the previous part with additional interviews from Donald Gee (Eckersley), Nick Hobbs (Aggedor), Stuart Fell (Alpha Centauri), Sonny Caldinez (Ice Warrior) and Ralph Watson (Ettis the Miner). The second installment goes more into the production of the story, and we also learn from cast and crew what it was like working with Jon Pertwee. The crowning moment, though, has to be Terrance Dicks' hilarious breakdown of Alpha Centauri's physical appearance.

There's a 'Deleted Scene' in the form of photos and off-air recordings featuring Eckersley trying to convince Gebek to get the miners to continue mining for the trisilicate.

'Where are They Now?' features an interview with Ysanne Churchman, conducted by David Jacobs. Ysanne is asked about providing her voicework for the Hermaphrodite exopod; Alpha Centauri, before treating us to a rather alarming Birmingham accent!

'On Target: Terrance Dicks', offers an in-depth look at the writer's work off the screen, with the Doctor Who Book range. Featuring interviews with Alan Barnes (Ex Doctor Wgho Magazine Editor), Paul Cornell (Writer), as well as input from Terrance himself. This is the most significant feature on The Monster of Peladon disc, as everything about it from the titles, down to the concise information and text readings from Katy Manning, smacks of sheer quality.

As with previous DVD releases, there are the usual 'PDF Material', 'Photo Gallery' and 'Production Subtitles' included.

Peladon Tales is a great box-set, well worth the £29.99 RRP, but with 2|Entertain's previous history of quality extras, the bar has been raised so high, that the viewer is spoiled, and can’t help feeling a little deflated with anything less than two screens of features per story.

That being said, the quality of the features for both stories are as high as ever, and act as a great companion to the Peladon saga.

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