Weta: Cyber Controller


  Format:   Statue
  Sculpted by:   David Tremont
  Manufacturer:   Weta
  Size:   12.2" x 12.2" x 13.8" (31 cm x 31 cm x 35 cm)
  Product Release Date:   2008
  RRP:   £189.00
  Reviewed by:   Doctor Who Online
This piece is from the episode "Age of Steel" starring David Tennant as the tenth Doctor.

In an alternate London, Cybus Industries boss John Lumic has plans to use his ingenious earpods to subvert and control the population, eventually turning them into Cybermen. However, Lumic's plan goes a little too well and he finds himself "upgraded" into the steel body of the Cyber Controller, both a leader and slave to the Cyberman army he has created.

The Doctor confronts him and, having failed to appeal to Lumic's humanity, thwarts the Cyber Controller's plan with a control code which sends his metal army mad. As his accomplishments are consumed by flames, the enraged Cyber Controller tears himself free of his throne to pursue his enemy and exact revenge.

This is a limited edition of 900 pieces.


  Submitted:   29/9/2009
  Reviewer:   Doctor Who Online

The Cyber Controller statue from Weta is a joy to behold, in both looks and the obvious hard work that has gone into the piece.

The juxtaposition of the metal throne unit with the metallic lustre of the tubes and Cyber Controller works really well, and together with the variety of metallic effects, gives the statue a sense of scale and depth.

As with the other Weta products, the attention to detail is extremely high, with every millimetre sculpted and painted to perfection. Worthy of note are the wires inside the Cyber Controller's arms, which have a wonderful two tone finish.

The 'mid-tube-rip' pose of the Cyber Controller helps to bring the statue to life, as well as accurately mirroring the scene from the TV series.

At 29lbs, this is the heaviest of the Weta Doctor Who statues to date, and boy do you feel it! Find a prideful place to display this item, as once you set it down, you won't want to move it!

** DWO visitors can get £50 off this statue on the Weta website, by entering 'DWOCYBER' at the checkout! - Expires 11/10/2009

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Submitted: 29/9/2009




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