Weta: Dalek


  Format:   Statue
  Sculpted by:   David Tremont & Daniel Cockersell
  Manufacturer:   Weta
  Size:   13 inches H (320mm) x 11 inches W (280mm) x 12 inches L (300mm) approx
  Product Release Date:   2008
  RRP:   £160.00
  Reviewed by:   Doctor Who Online
This piece is from the episode "Dalek" starring Christopher Eccleston as the ninth Doctor.

Beneath the Salt Plains of Utah, billionaire collector Henry Van Statten holds the last relic of an extinct alien race, the oldest and deadliest of the Doctor’s foes, a Dalek!

When the metal encased mutant escapes its prison and captures Rose, her death seems assured, but surprising everyone, the Dalek spares her.

Opening its armoured frame to let sunlight play over the pitiful being inside, the creature exhibits tenderness and vulnerability uncharacteristic of its maniacal brethren. When the Doctor arrives to rescue Rose, she pleads for the Dalek, forcing him to choose between compassion and revenge for the extermination of his people.

This is a limited edition of 900 pieces.


  Submitted:   28/9/2008
  Reviewer:   Doctor Who Online

When DWO heard that the Weta team were turning their hands to a brand new range of Doctor Who statues, we were literally brimming with excitement - especially after the recent success of their Lord of the Rings range of products.

The 12 inch Dalek statue is a faithful representation of the new series style Dalek. From the high quality paintwork right down to the intricate detailing on the Dalek creature within, it is clear to see just how much time and effort has gone into the making of this piece.

Even parts which are not directly on display such as the inner flaps of the Dalek attack systems, are given just as much attention to detail. Also worthy of note is the Dalek skirting panels, which give an authentic war-weathered appearance whilst the shading on the bumps help to add fantastic depth.

With a weight of over 10 lbs, the statue is by no means light, but this works to its advantage making the Dalek both robust whilst also feeling like you're getting more for your money.

Each statue also comes with a stand which the Dalek neatly slots into. The reverse of the stand is hand-signed by Weta sculptors, David Tremont and Daniel Cockersell, and is individually numbered out of a Limited run of 900.

Very little assembly is needed, just the eyestalk, plunger and gun, which all slot into place with ease. The statue is packaged neatly and intelligently, with little room to move during transit, and the striking box design makes the buyer want to delve right in, regardless of age.

The guide price of £160.00 is extremely good value for money considering all the detail, love and care that has gone into the product. With so many Doctor Who related items on the market, the Weta Dalek definitely stands out, making it a must-have item for any fan of the show!

© Copyright Doctor Who Online, 2008.

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Submitted: 28/9/2008




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