Weta: Industrial Welding Mask


  Format:   Statue
  Sculpted by:   David Tremont
  Manufacturer:   Weta
  Size:   6.7" x 3.9" x 3.5" (17 cm x 10 cm x 9 cm)
  Product Release Date:   2008
  RRP:   £39.99
  Reviewed by:   Doctor Who Online
Two millennia from now, a crippled spacecraft hurtles toward certain destruction in the roiling inferno of a star. Seeming bent on destroying the ship, a mysterious alien presence is possessing members of the crew, hiding its searing power behind the heat-shielded visors of their industrial welding masks. As the clock ticks down, Martha and the Doctor have just 42 minutes to unravel the mystery to save the mining ship, themselves and everyone else onboard.

The Industrial Welding Mask is made from cast metal and comes with a polystone display stand. It was created by Weta model maker and Doctor Who fan, David Tremont.

It's the third in a series of six helmets from Doctor Who, exclusively available from the Weta website and at selected shows.

This is a limited edition of 500 pieces.


  Submitted:   23/3/2009
  Reviewer:   Doctor Who Online

Weta's interpretation of the Industrial Welding Mask from the Series Three Episode; '42', is loyal to the original design in every way. From the visor controls down to the respirators. There is phenomenally intricate detailing which together with the weight of the mask itself, adds further to the overall value for money.

The crimson matt finish is completed with an aged dusting that gives the piece authenticity as well as history. Also included is a rather attractive black bust for the mask to sit on, which compliments the piece perfectly, and is signed on the base by Weta Sculptor; David Tremont.

The only critique is the difference in comparison from the Mask modeled on the box design with that of the finished product. On the packaging it is represented with a brighter, shinier red as opposed to the darker, matt effect.

With a bargain guide price of £39.99, it helps to make this piece available to any fan wanting a memento from the Tennant-era of Doctor Who.

© Copyright Doctor Who Online, 2009.

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Reviewed By

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Submitted: 23/3/2009




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