When we finally meet The doctor at the end of the episode, he has no knowledge of Sally or the events she'd experienced and we see the brilliant moment when she realises it's all down to her. Amazing use of classic time travel cause and effect and one of my all time favourite moments in Doctor Who ever. It got me thinking, how must it feel for a man like the Doctor who knows so much and is constantly in control to be shown destiny, suddenly faced with his own future.
"Run...when you’re with The Doctor, it’s what you do...you run...and it’s knackering!"

“COME ON!!!” The Doctor found himself running fast (again), faster than usual, in fact he found himself trying to recall the last time he ran this fast.

"1934, New York...That’s the last time I’m getting Einstein drunk!"

He grasped Martha by the hand as she struggled to keep up, while his other hand grabbed a wound on his arm.

“You shot me!” He screamed. “You shot me with an arrow!”

“Like I’ve ever used a bow & arrow before!!” Martha shouted in reply.

As the two time travellers turned a corner, a huge lizard with arrows sticking out of various parts of its body, turned the corner behind them in hot pursuit and let out a thunderous roar!

“Yeah..I think she’s angry.” Martha said whilst still being dragged onward by The Doctor.

“We destroyed all 4 of her eggs and considering this lot only reproduce every 2000 years, I imagine that may have annoyed her slightly” The Doctor explained.

“Not to mention we shot her full of arrows,” said Martha.

“Yeah, that probably didn’t help.” replied The Doctor.

As the chase continued, the oversized monster began swiping things out of its way to get to its prey quicker. They ran out into the road as they tried once again to elude their pursuer. Martha looked back with fright as the creature ran out into the road behind them.

“It’s gaining on us! I know...we have to find something large to hit it wi…”

Before she could finish her sentence, a large, red, double-decker bus smashes straight into the green lizard, exploding it into a large splash of pink gunge.

Onlookers stared at the shocked expression on The Doctor and Martha's faces. The Doctor was more shocked at how easily the thing exploded with little damage to the bus! He composed himself and turned to the people standing around him, staring in disbelieve.

“Sorry about that everyone,” He said lifting his physic paper into the air. “We’re from the er...bus safety...federation. Surprise bus safety test. Nothing to worry about, it passed with flying colours”. He glanced down at the pink that once resided inside the body of a huge space lizard but now covered everything else, "...literally.”

The Doctor gave everyone a smile. He picked up Martha and started to head off.

“Shouldn’t we clean all that up?” She asked

“Nah, it’ll all just evaporate, it may cause some weird pink rain but nothing more.” The Doctor replied.

“Right…” said Martha, still in a little shock.

A little while later, The Doctor and Martha lay slumped up against the Tardis doors, pink gunge still all over them. (Martha had noticeably more on her than her Gallifreyan friend!).

“Well...” The Doctor said, breaking the silence. “...that was fun wasn’t it? Not often you see something like that.”
Martha gave him a confused look, still slightly in shock.

“Well….not VERY often.” He said with a grin.

“It’s going to take at least five showers to get this stuff out of my hair and YOU still haven’t fixed the hot water.” Martha added.

The Doctors grinned turned to grump.

“Honestly, you humans. You see a 10 foot Lizard explode before your eyes and the first thing you think of is, 'Is there any hot water?' ” The Doctor said in is irritated, squeaky voice.

The Doctor felt around the back of his coat and found a large folder in his back pocket. He pulled it out and stared, trying to recall what it was through the pink gunge that had found it’s way onto the cover. On closer inspection he realised it was the folder given to him by the blonde girl.

Martha wiped more gunk from her face and spat some from her mouth. “Yuck!!” She shouted. She looked over at the folder The Doctor was holding. “So, who was she?” Martha asked. “You have a thing for blondes don’t you?!”

"What WAS her name?" The Doctor asked himself. "Sally...Sally Sparrow!" He shouted in remembrance.

He looked through the folder at all the information the young girl had gathered over what seemed to be a long period of time and he found himself impressed. "Well, how often do you see your own future?" He thought.

The Doctor always seemed to forget he held future in the conventional sense and it humbled him on the rare occasions when something came along and reminded of him of that fact.

As he read on, The Doctor scanned all the information about the Weeping Angels, temporal displacement, wibbly wobbly timey wimey and all the spoilers of yet to come. Suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle of the blonde girl started to fall into place.

A photo of a large old house dropped from the folder onto the pavement. The Doctor slipped his glasses on as he held the photo up to inspect it further - at which point, both his hearts skipped a beat. He wasn’t sure if it was from excitement, fear or some crazy mixture of the two, but as he held the photo up and saw it matched the house where he had randomly parked the TARDIS, the same exact house standing before them right now, there was only one thing he knew for sure...

“Martha...” He said as he smelled the temporal energy on the air and prepared himself for what was about to happen...
“..how do you feel about the 1960’s?”

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