I originally planned to set this prologue during the run up to The Fourth Doctor’s regeneration and based it on the view point of his three new companions. However, after seeing that this wasn’t as such treading on the toes, but stamping on the whole foot of Logopolis, I decided to explore Adric, Tegan and Nyssa’s attempts to help the new Doctor escape the security guards and introduced the Master as a silent witness. It was a tough challenge but one I hope you enjoy reading.
Adric, Nyssa and Tegan looked down in shock at the new man staring up at them. His eyes, bright yet confused were not the eyes of The Doctor. This was a different man, much younger, with fair long hair, for which the long burgundy scarf and coat swamped his slim frame. He looked like a child wearing his father’s clothes.

"What’s happened? Where did The Doctor go?!" exclaimed Tegan - her mind had already witnessed more than it could comprehend. She had started the day looking forward to a new, exciting life, jet-setting off around the world as an air stewardess but her life had curtailed into one of danger and loss in a matter of hours. She had witnessed death, suffered the agony of the murder of a loved one and found herself on board a spaceship with a man with curly hair and his younger male assistant.

"Where did that white fella go?" she sighed, her Brisbane accent flowing in the cool morning breeze. "I’m finding all this a little hard to take in", she added.

Adric looked hard at Tegan. He knew what they had to do next.

"There’s no time to explain, Tegan, we have to get The Doctor back to the TARDIS", Adric explained.

"The Doctor! What you mean him?" said Tegan, unmoved at even the remote possibility that this could be the same man.

"Of course he is" replied Nyssa, ‘Who else could it be? You heard what he said, “The moment has been prepared for...” The Watcher was a part of The Doctor and helped him to regenerate"

"Regenerate! What the hell does that mean when it’s at home?"

Tegan’s shoulders slumped, resigned to the madness. "I can’t believe nobody else is freaked out by this!"

"Come on Tegan", said Adric in an encouraging tone as he got up off his knees and started to help the new Doctor to his feet.

"Take his other arm. Don’t worry Doctor!" he said, turning his attention to the Time Lord, who was still silent from shock, "We’ll get you out of here."

The feisty Australian also got up and brushed her knees with her hands before taking The Doctor’s right arm and pulling him to his feet. If this was The Doctor, she thought to herself, he was still a heavy bloke!

"What about The Master?" Nyssa asked, shuddering at the very mention of his name. The man who had killed her father on Traken was still at large. "He might still be here" she added, surveying her surroundings.

"Oi, you lot!!!"

The three youngsters turned their heads to face the impromptu bark from behind them. It was the Head of Security at the Pharos Project. He was flanked by two further guards who stood either side of him. The Head of Security had been made aware of intruders on the site and had gone out to join his patrol party, who had also been gaining fast on the young trio.

"He isn’t the only problem we have" Adric muttered. "Quick back to the TARDIS!"

The trio left the shadow of the Pharos Project, the sun glistening through the metal grills. High above them, a black cable dangled from the complex satellite dish, swinging slowly in the breeze. Moments earlier, that same cable was disconnected, stopping the threat of entropy passing through the CVE. From it, a man clung on for his life, the same man whose bravery had just saved the universe.

"Right, you two come with me!" the Head of Security snarled as he made sure his white hat was fastened to his head before setting of at a brisk pace after the strangers. For a middle aged man he was still in good shape, his well built frame taught and determined as it tore off after The Doctor and his friends. His two colleagues were a little slower. "Keep up will yer!" he hollered behind him.

Nyssa looked behind her, heart pumping like a powerful engine. The TARDIS was still a good half mile away. In front of her, she could see that her companions were having trouble keeping the Doctor up right. His long scarf was hanging low and repeatedly threatened to trip him up. Her eyes grew wide with panic.

"Look, they’re catching up with us" she shouted to her friends.

They were not the only ones. Another troop of security guards, the ones who the trio had evaded when running to The Doctor’s aid as he clung onto the cable high above the ground, had also started to catch up. They were about to be pincered in, with the sanctuary of the TARDIS growing ever so slightly closer.

"Come on Doc" Tegan urged, finally allowing herself to believe that this man IS the Doctor.

The clouds high above began to descend on the Pharos Project. As the time travellers picked up their speed and moved into the fields past the project, the TARDIS came into view. They were nearly there but then again, so were their would-be captors. As The Doctor grew weaker and his weight began to bog Adric and Tegan down, the guard drew closer, it was only a matter of time before they were captured.

Meanwhile, safe within his TARDIS, The Master sniggered at the events he was witnessing on the scanner.

"My dear Doctor... you may live to fight another day but it doesn’t mean our game is at an end."

Like The Doctor, he too was a new man, but not through the natural methods of a Time Lord. Flexing his new muscles, The Master’s plan had only just begun.

"You’re still my play thing Doctor, you and your pitiful companions."

Smiling maniacally, The Master zoomed his screen in on the fleeing time travellers. He laughed at the Doctor’s new face and then busied himself to his controls. His final trap was set. All he needed was a mathematical genius to kill The Doctor for good...

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Niki Hunter

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