Destiny of the Daleks holds my first memory of Doctor Who; that iconic scene where Davros comes back to life. I have always had a soft spot for this story and enjoy it on every re-watch, despite it getting a bit of flack from certain circles of fandom. The story is classic '70s Who and admittedly isn't the best Dalek story around, but it was key for the introduction and progression of the Daleks' story throughout the '80s.
The weary vessel creaked and groaned as it was hauled across the galaxy. At the controls was the Dalek Supreme, skillfully guiding the wrecked capsule away from their latest defeat. Its black dome, once shiny and new, was now faded and dented. It almost looked grey. The door to the control room whirred open heavily, no longer the smooth hum of the old days. Through the door came an equally battered Dalek, seeking an audience with the Supreme. It turned to face the newcomer. They both knew the shame that had been brought upon their race.

"What is our next plan? The rest of the Daleks wish to know."

"I am reverting to our core operation." grated the tired communications circuit of the Supreme. "We have been defeated too many times despite having theoretical supremacy. This suggests inefficiency of the Daleks."

"How have our defeats happened? Daleks are the supreme beings!"

"The Dalek scientists have attempted to eradicate this inefficiency but they have been unsuccessful. Therefore we need to revert to Stratagem One."

"Then our destination is..." began the drone, almost excitedly - if such a concept were applicable to Daleks.

"...Affirmative." the Supreme interjected.

"Then I will inform the Daleks."

The subordinate clattered out of the control deck, the bottom of its black base seemingly catching every few inches. The Supreme returned to the controls, as if thinking. Suddenly, there was a harsh beeping around the flight deck. The Supreme looked down and saw the scanner flashing frantically. And then it realised why as it spotted the incoming craft. Quickly, it attached its plunger to a socket and spoke in a harsh tone as its words we're communicated around the ship.

"Assemble battle formation. Movellan ship approaching rapidly. We will attempt an evasive manoeuvre but Daleks should stand by in case they are needed."

There was a chorused reply of "I obey!" and then a whirring as various dormant pieces of equipment were restarted. The Supreme raised the control deck so that it protruded above the rest of the ship and then spun it until the Movellan ship was in its sights. Then, it began to drive the ship straight for the Movellan craft, twisting the vessel so that at the last minute they avoided a collision. The Supreme guided the ship back around, and the Movellans had done the same but this worked in the Daleks' favour because now they could go in the direction they had originally intended and draw out a lead over the Movellans, who had to turn around again.

This happened and as the two ships passed each other, the Daleks shot silent blue bolts of energy at the opposing vessel. It sustained some damage, mostly very close to the main cockpit of their ship. The Dalek ship accelerated to maximum power as they tried to pull away. However, the superior Movellan craft rotated on the spot and gave chase. It easily caught up and at glass portholes, the Supreme Dalek could see soldiers shooting at the once-feared member of Skaro's elite Destroyer class. There was only one solution to this problem and the Supreme came to this conclusion as well as it momentarily ran over the blueprints of the Movellan ship in its brain.

"Activate air locks!" commanded the Supreme. There was a dull whirring as it's bidding was done and all doors sealed tightly. The Movellan ship moved in above the Daleks'. The Supreme raised its eyestalk and looked directly into the eyes of the Movellan captain Lork. With one final, decisive manoeuvre, the Supreme crashed the Dalek ship into the enemy's. The raised flight deck was destroyed instantly, and the Supreme along with it. But the Movellan craft splintered and cracked simultaneously as their own flight deck was attacked.

What the Dalek had remembered was that the Movellan ships, although well maintained, were old and so were made of Polyfluxucarbite. Dalekanium was known to be about twenty eight times as strong as this. Therefore, with a carefully calculated movement, the Supreme had worked out that it could destroy the Movellan ship without causing a whole lot of damage to its own.

The calculation had been correct, as proven by the erratic white robot warriors now moving ineffectually in the vacuum of space. Down below in the Dalek ship, the subordinate that had visited the bridge observed from a glass connection in the ship. It knew the Supreme had made the ultimate sacrifice for its troops, and it decided not to waste the opportunity they had been given. It glided clunkily into the secondary flight deck and attached its plunger to the dashboard.

"Assuming Supreme command."

Information was transferred through the plunger and then the Dalek took control of the vessel. As Skaro came into view, the new leader knew they had not seen the last of the Movellans.

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Written by:
Dave Spilsbury

Artwork by:
Simon Breeze

Narrated by:

Sebastian J. Brook

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