The finale of The Daleks is the first time in Doctor Who where we see a romantic kiss between a member of the TARDIS crew and another character. The relationship between Barbara and Ganatus was so sweet and built so nicely that I was rooting for her to stay on Skaro by the end of it. Of course she does not and Ganatus is left to soldier on alone. It's in Ganatus' nature to persevere though, so I thought he might just try and find a way to connect with Barbara again. Love knows no bounds, right?
It had been a week since the funeral ceremony for Temmosus, Elyson, and Antodus. The band of Thals made their way towards the Dalek City, their hearts still heavy from recent events, but also filled with hope for what technology they might find within the now empty city.

“Nearly there!” Alydon called back at the rest of the group. A murmur of excitement went through them and Dyoni hurried to catch up to Alydon. He smiled at her and she back at him. After Ian Chesterton’s threats to offer her up to the Daleks, their relationship had been solidified.

“I’m worried for Ganatus.” Dyoni said.

“He has lost much. His wounds will take more time to heal than ours.” Alydon said, wrapping his arm around Dyoni to comfort her. When he looked over his shoulder back at Ganatus, he wondered if time would ever heal his friend.

Ganatus knew he should feel more upset for his brother’s death, but all he could think of was Barbara. If only he could find a way to reach her. It seemed impossible, as her ship had simply vanished into thin air. He wondered if the Daleks would have research on the matter.

They arrived at the Dalek City and entered the main building. Alydon divided the band in half—one group would search for food, the other would sort through the Daleks’ research and inventions. Dyoni led the first group and Ganatus made his way with Alydon and three others to the floor where the main research labs were.

They found themselves in a large open room full of computer terminals, all equipped with round buttons, perfectly formed for a Dalek’s mechanical hand. Each Thal started going through the data. One made a joke how it would be easier if they had Dalek hands. Everyone laughed except Ganatus, who was absorbed in the data. He wasn’t just looking, he was searching.

There were several minutes of silence until Alydon cried out, “I’ve got it!”

They all gathered around to see. The plans for reforming radiation into heat energy were on the screen, however the heat would be used in laser form, to kill.

“We can harness the energy and instead of concentrating it, we can spread it throughout greenhouses to grow crops.” Alydon explained. Everyone was excited. Right away, Alydon began putting the concept into action. He sent two of the Thals to find the others and start a survey of the wastelands around the city to locate the highest radiation sources. He, Ganatus, and the remaining Thal, Mylanos, would start to adapt the current blueprints into something that would work for the greenhouses. Ganatus volunteered to go in search for the parts they would need and left the room.

With no sound but the clanking of his footsteps on the metal flooring, Ganatus suddenly felt very alone. Were Barbara here, he thought, she would have no fear. His thoughts of her were interrupted when, out of the corner of his eye, Ganatus saw something move. He looked over, scanning the area intensely, but saw nothing except a small white door. His curiosity now piqued, Ganatus made his way to the door and pushed it open easily even though there was clearly a lock on it. He wondered how this was possible, since all locks in the city would only open at a Dalek’s touch. It was as if… He quickly forgot that thought as soon as he saw what was inside the room. It was Barbara’s spaceship, or at least an imitation of it. Its walls were metal, not a blue wood. Ganatus scanned the room and saw a lever in the corner. He tried it, but it was magnetic and wouldn’t budge. He looked around the room again for another magnet or a large piece of metal. There was nothing but the ship and bare, white walls. Suddenly he heard a metallic clanking and turned to see the lever moving. Impossible, he thought. He was about to ask who was there when the door to the ship opened. A bright, golden light emanated from it, pulling him towards it. He couldn’t look away; he couldn’t even blink. The time energy flowed into him and he felt himself moving, but in a way he had never experienced. The room rushed around him in a golden and white swirl of light and he felt the floor give out below him. Then all went black.

When Ganatus came to, he was no longer on Skaro. Tapestries of reds, yellows, and greens filled the gilded throne room he found himself in. The clanking of swords and the yells from the crowd filled the great hall. “Tegana!” “Marco!” they called.

Then he heard her voice clear as day. He turned around and there she was, holding Susan and another dark-haired girl. “Barbara!” he called to her. She didn’t respond. Ian Chesterton and the Doctor stood by them. He called out to them in vain. They cannot hear or see me, he surmised, the Daleks must have only developed a one-way portal. The emperor, who he heard called Kublai Khan, summoned guards to stop the fight. Yelling ensued among the men, and then a cry from all. The dark-haired sword fighter called Tegana had killed himself. Ganatus ran to Barbara to comfort her as she looked away from the scene, but there was nothing he could do but watch Ian hold onto her. Marco gave the Doctor something and the four travelers ran to the TARDIS. As Ganatus watched the familiar disappearance he heard another voice that filled him with dread.

“Ganatus,” the robotic, emotionless voice cried, “You have given me life.”

The room spun again and Ganatus awoke to find himself back on Skaro. He scrambled to his feet.

“Dalek!” he cried, “Show yourself! What do you want?”

“I require nothing more than the time energy you have given me.” the Dalek said, coming into view from a dark corner.
“I don’t understand. How can you be alive still?”
“They took me from my casing, but forgot of my existence. So, I hid and waited. And now with the time energy from you I will make my escape through a temporal shift to save my kind. I will take the name of that great leader, Caan, and lead the new Dalek race.” the Dalek said, adopting the Dal spelling of ‘Khan’.
“But you are all dead!” Ganatus cried.
“I have seen the future. A great war is coming, the war of time, and I shall save the Creator of my race.”

“I won’t let you!” Ganatus ran towards the electrical box by the door, but he was too slow and Dalek Caan’s laser hit him, killing Ganatus instantly. Dalek Caan initiated a temporal shift, and with that, Skaro was free of the Daleks, at least for the time being.

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Written by:
Lorena Gay

Artwork by:
Andy W. Clift


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