The lead-in to The Keys of Marinus is pretty clear: the Voord head out to infiltrate the island and take over the Conscience. I liked that one of the Voord doesn't make it though, and the Doctor's companions do not suspect foul play is involved. So, just how exactly did that poor Voord get both a crack in his submersible and a tear in his protective acid suit?
Yartek scanned the Voord in the room with distaste. None deserved to be here, but the riskiness of the task at hand showed the true colors of the cowards who had not volunteered. Soon their dissent would not matter. Soon he would control the Conscience of Marinus and with that all of the Voord’s impulses.

He did not know the name of anyone in the room. It was not his business to know names. He was, after all, their leader. His name was the only one of importance. He listened as they spoke among themselves, deciphering who would best serve his needs in the attack on Arbitan’s island fortress where the Conscience was stored.

Two Voord quickly stood out to him as possible right hand men. Yartek focused all of his attention on them. They were decisive in their judgments of what others said, but not didactic or overbearing. They seemed willing to go the extra mile for the cause of the Voord, even if he had not fully explained that cause to them. In fact, none of the Voord were fully aware of what Yartek sought, only that they were to penetrate the tower on the island, overpower Arbitan, and reclaim the Conscience.

The way Yartek saw it, his father had passed on the duty to him to take control of the Conscience and reprogram it to force his own corrupt impulses upon the whole of Marinus. Once he controlled the machine, he would control the planet. His father had failed so many years before, enabling Arbitan to scatter the keys of the Conscience across this alien world that had now become the Voord’s second home. Where his father fell short, Yartek would succeed. He would not share power. By disposing of his inept father, he had proven that.

With that in mind, he called the two Voord to him for further questioning.

“Tell me,” he asked them, “Once this is done, what do you hope to happen?”

“Whatever you wish for us, sir.” the taller Voord responded.

“And what about you?” Yartek asked the shorter Voord.

“To help you control Marinus, sir.” he said.

Yartek nodded. He did not want help controlling Marinus. He wondered exactly what this Voord meant by his comment.

“What is your name?” Yartek asked the shorter Voord.

“Ramar” he said with confidence. Clearly he felt that his answer had pleased Yartek.

“Well, Ramar, I would like you to join me on this task.” Yartek said and smiled.

“Thank you, sir.”

“You as well,” Yartek added to the taller Voord. “What is your name?”

“Kalt, sir, and thank you, sir.”

“I’m entrusting you both to choose another Voord to join us in this task. The submersibles are waiting for us outside. Meet me there once you have chosen.” Yartek told them and stood up to leave the room.

Once he reached the door, Yartek turned to watch how Kalt and Ramar behaved. He saw that Ramar went directly to a specific Voord, while Kalt questioned several. Perhaps Ramar was working with that Voord to take control of the Conscience once Arbitan was killed? Perhaps they were planning a coup to overthrow him and control Marinus for themselves?

Yartek hurried outside to the submersibles and saw in the horizon a strange blue box appear on the sands of the island that held the Conscience. His paranoia told him it could be aliens coming to steal the Conscience of Marinus. He ran through a list of possible enemies, none of which owned a blue box ship.

Ramar, Kalt, and the Voords they had chosen came outside then, acid suits in hand. Yartek saw that Kalt carried an extra suit, presumably for him. He also saw Ramar look across the horizon to the blue box. He seemed to be giving a sign to the intruders, and when Yartek looked back to the island, he saw four aliens exit the ship and look out over the acid sea, directly at Ramar. That settled it. They had come to help Ramar kill him and steal the Conscience for their own use. Ramar would not be getting away with this, thought Yartek to himself.

“Sir,” Kalt said as he approached Yartek with the extra suit.

“Kalt,” Yartek said in a hushed voice, “Come close and tell me, do you wish to prove your worth to me?”

“How, sir?” Kalt asked.

“Ramar is a traitor. I need you to dispose of him, but it must be discreet.” Yartek said.

“Sir?” Kalt replied. Murder was not natural on Marinus, even for a Voord. Arbitan had seen to that with his Conscience machine eradicating all evil thought.

“Do you wish to prove your worth or not? You will be my right hand man once we arrive on the island.” Yartek said.

“I will do as you ask.” Kalt said quietly with a curt nod.

Kalt quickly walked away to the submersibles. He picked up a rock from the shoreline and tapped the glass of Ramar’s submersible ever so slightly, causing a tiny crack to form. It was enough for the acid to seep in during the journey under the sea to the island. Yartek smiled. That was quite discreet. He had chosen well with Kalt.

“Everything looks good.” Kalt said rejoining the group. “We should suit up.”

The Voords put on their acid suits. Yartek watched Kalt approach Ramar.

“Let me help you.” Kalt pulled on part of Ramar’s suit and said, “There you go, all adjusted.”

“Thank you.” Ramar said.

Yartek looked at the suit, it was hard to tell, but it looked like Kalt had caused a rupture in the fabric. It was just enough to make the material permeable to the acid. Yartek nodded at Kalt and then faced the group.

“We leave now to the island to take control of the Conscience and restore power to the Voords. I saw from here another alien race trying to steal it for themselves. Their ship lies on the sandy shore. One of you will sabotage their ship, and the rest of you will accompany me to the tower. If you encounter one of these aliens, know they are hostile. Kill them on sight. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir!” all four of the Voords said.

“Then our task begins.” Yartek said and led them to the submersibles. They climbed inside their individual submersibles and set the navigational units for the island’s coordinates. This launched the submersibles into the acid sea. Yartek smiled as he thought he could hear Ramar’s faint screams as he dissolved into nothing inside of his suit.

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Written by:
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Niki Hunter

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