The whole story of The Web of Fear is rounded off nicely in Episode Six, but one question nagged me. With all the spheres burning, surely the Yeti would catch alight as well. I thought the TARDIS Team would - as often happens - inevitably encounter such an event, if anyone was going to. The Web of Fear is such an inspirational story and despite containing many elements from previous stories, it combines them in a new way to create a fresh adventure. It is the forebearer for the Third Doctor's earthbound tenure and still has a firm handhold in fans' hearts. The final occurrence can't surely be such an event, can it..?
The Doctor stole speedily along the tunnel, keeping to the edge of the tracks just in case the train services resumed.

“Are you sure you know the way, Doctor?” asked Jamie in a hopeless tone.

“Yes, it was definitely this way before,” The Doctor replied. He paused as they came to a section where the tunnel forked into three paths. “Although,” he continued, “it could well have been down there.” he added, as his faced dropped into a frown.

“Oh, this is hopeless,” cried Victoria. “We’ll never find the TARDIS.”

“Nonsense,” The Doctor said reassuringly, “I think we’re getting very near now.”

He crept forward a few paces and took the central fork. His friends followed close behind, not wanting to get lost in the Underground labyrinth. They continued on down the tracks until Jamie grabbed The Doctor’s arm. The Time Lord wheeled round, startled.

“What is it?”

“Didn’t you hear that?” Jamie hissed, angling his ear down the tunnel.

“Hear what?” asked Victoria, at normal volume.

“There was like a… chinking. Like metal on metal.”

A horrified expression swept across The Doctor’s face. “The trains must have started again. Quick! We have to get out of here!”

“No, Doctor, I don’t think so,” his Scottish compatriot held him once more. “Look!”

Following Jamie’s finger, the Doctor sure enough saw a blazing hedge moving towards them. It was tall and burning bright orange, with shades of yellow. He staggered back as the fire advanced towards them. The figure had metal feet that grated along the tracks with each staggered step.

Realisation dawned on Jamie. “It’s a Yeti!” he exclaimed.

The Doctor nodded grimly. “It must have caught alight when its control sphere exploded. Come on, we must get out of here now!”

The Doctor led the way back down the tunnel and the blazing Yeti seemed to quicken its pace. It pursued them efficiently around tunnels, as if it was able to follow them by scent. After a few minutes, The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria came to a halt. Victoria bent over double, clutching her side and panting heavily. Jamie watched the Yeti warily as it advanced. He saw a flaming arm raise.

“Quick, down!” he shouted and his companions reacted speedily to avoid the web that was coating the tunnel around them, as the Yeti fired it from its weapon. The Doctor hustled the pair further along the tunnel.

“How can that thing still be moving?” asked Victoria.

“Remember, it is only a robot. It doesn’t feel any pain,” The Doctor responded.

“Yes, but surely it would have burnt by now?” retorted Victoria, desparingly.

“I don’t know what they’re made of, but it’s obviously something relatively strong.”

Jamie nodded. “This is all very interesting, but can we deal with the science once we’re safely in the TARDIS?”

The Doctor agreed and they continued down the tunnel, avoiding the spray of the gun as the wild Yeti fired aimlessly. They had to sweep left and right to dodge the web, which was often on fire. Victoria held the group back, suddenly.

“Listen! I can hear another scraping noise!”

The Doctor paused to listen, his keen hearing able to pick out the slightest audible disturbance. He heard the same thing that his young friend had and his eyes widened with panic. “We must go now!”

“Why? What is it?” asked Jamie

“There’s definitely a train coming, and it’s heading this way!”

"What?” Jamie exclaimed, and rapidly increased his speed. “We’ve got to get out of here!” He scooped up Victoria, helping her move faster. The Yeti seemed somehow to have quickened its pace as well, despite having been on fire for over twenty minutes. The Doctor pointed ahead to the tiles on the wall at the reassuring logo of Covent Garden station, only yards away. The noise of the approaching tube had also heightened, however, signalling its proximity. The Doctor climbed uneasily up onto the platform, glaring down at the headlights of the oncoming train. He quickly gave Victoria a hand up to join him in safety. The sound of clashing swords grew louder and louder, in perfect conjunction with the size of the headlights. The Yeti still hunted them down, gaining easily on them.

The Doctor and Victoria each gave Jamie a hand up onto the platform, just in time, as the tube sped past. There was a loud blaring of a horn and a crunch. The train was soon gone and The Doctor turned to the TARDIS.

“Well that’s that dealt with,” commented Jamie, happy at their safety.

“What happened to the Yeti?” asked Victoria.

“It got hit by the train,” said Jamie.

“Ah,” Victoria began, “But is it actually gone?”

“Course it is,” Jamie reassured her. "Nothing could've survived that!" he added.

Victoria smiled and looked to The Doctor for extra reassurance. “Yes, it won’t have survived that.” The Doctor confirmed, “To be quite honest I’m not sure how it was still roaming around in the first place.”

“Well, either way, let’s hope that’s the last we’ve seen of them, eh?”

The Doctor patted Jamie on the back. “Yes, I should hope so, although I expect not...”

“The Great Intelligence is still out there, in space somewhere,” Victoria picked up.

“Well you two are a barrel of laughs,” said Jamie, indignant at their pessimism.

The Doctor chuckled. “I’m sorry, Jamie. Come on, I’ll take you both somewhere much nicer now. How about the seaside, hmm?”

Jamie and Victoria smiled at him, and he reciprocated the grin. He entered the TARDIS, followed by his young friends, and seconds later it disappeared from sight. A policeman came down the steps to the platform, unlocked the steel gates and normal service was resumed.

As the lights of the train moved off to the next destination, the tunnel grew darker once more – all except for a small flickering yellow light. Lying motionless at the side of the tracks the remains of the Yeti lay dormant – all except for the flickering light of its left eye. The body suddenly moved as the heaviest end, which was dangling over a ledge, caught up with gravity, pulling the rest of the Yeti deeper underground into the cavernous drop below…

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