Warriors of the Deep ends on a very sombre note, with all the Silurians and Sea Devils strewn dead around the Sea Base. In this way, they are presented as grunts, with no intelligent thought. I didn't quite buy this. I thought there must have been some, or possibly even just one Sea Devil or Silurian that got out while it could, seeing that they were fighting a losing battle. This is how Lextire came about, and I thought his natural reaction would be to build up an army with which to get revenge on the Humans. I also believed that because of all the references to the opposition in the story, the authorities would notice if a whole Sea Base were to be attacked, so this is where the government scenes came from. Warriors of the Deep is a story all about political manoeuvring and in this epilogue I hope I've continued this notion successfully.
The Sea Devils’ tomb lay empty and silent. It had been abandoned, all its previous inhabitants had been lost in the fight against the humans.

All except one.

The rocks on the far wall shifted and transformed. Suddenly, a docking port emerged from within and one last soldier staggered out having escaped the slaughter, before collapsing on the rocky floor. He gasped for breath and sat up after a few minutes.

His name was Lextire, and as he sat on the cold, slimy floor, he remembered what the humans had done and how they had tried to commit genocide - worse than that, they had tried to kill the rightful owners of this planet. They arrived on this planet long after the original Silurians and their Sea Devils cousins had been wiped out, yet they had the nerve to fight against the rightful occupants. And somehow, they had won.

Lextire stood up, holstering his weapon. He looked around the tomb, which had so recently been filled with his brothers. Now they were all dead, murdered ruthlessly by the humans. Lextire wasn’t going to let this pass. At that moment, there was a great gushing sound, and the roof of the passageway collapsed in. Water flooded into the cavern and Lextire turned to look. The rocks were beginning to crumble.

Suddenly, Lextire came to his senses, and begin to sprint off down the makeshift passageway. He powered round corners, trying to escape the overwhelming water. Although he was a strong swimmer, he didn’t have the energy for it now, besides, he knew where there was a safe place. He dashed speedily through an opening and wheeled a heavy boulder across, blocking it. He was now several miles beneath the seabed, and there was no way out.

*  *  *
President Stewart Conrad sat down in his office chair and sighed, giving a cursory glance to the sheets of paper that had been thrust upon him. His advisors sat leisurely in chairs and on sofas scattered around the large workspace. He was a great believer in world peace, but now it seemed he had been provoked.

Lee Zhang, foremost advisor, approached the President gingerly.

“How bad is it, Stu?”

“They took down Sea Base Four.” Said Stewart in a regretful tone.

“What? Really? Gone?” enquired Lee.

“Yes, gone!” Conrad snapped quickly before frowning apologetically. “I’m sorry, it’s been a long day.”

Hannah Christie sat up, taking note of this.

“What are we going to do now?” she asked, knowing the answer but scared to accept it - everyone in the room was.

“I think you know the answer to that, Hannah.”

“Are there no other options?” asked Lee, desperately.

“I said if they attacked us we’d go nuclear, and they’ve attacked us! I don’t like it anymore than you, Zhang, but if this is what I’ve got to do to maintain world peace...”

“What intel have we got from the incident?”

Conrad’s scientific advisor, Pierre Henry, spoke up, “If I might?” Conrad nodded, and he continued, “We have been conducting an investigation and our divers found dead reptilian lifeforms in the Sea Base. They were previously known as Eocenes, or Silurians and are a form of Homo Reptilia.”

“I’ve read their file, but can this really be them?” the President enquired, intrigued by Pierre’s comments.

“We’ve got irrefutable evidence, President.” Pierre loaded up a picture on his tablet and handed it to the president, images of dead Silurians and Sea Devils scrolling on a loop.

“Well what can we do about them? I need solutions, not problems!”

“Yes, we know, sir. I already authorised an attack on three locations close to the Sea Base that we believe could have been their headquarters.” Pierre stopped, his brow furrowed. “If there were any left in there, it’s highly unlikely they will have survived.”

“What did you do?” Hannah asked

“We eradicated it using a hexachromite-included bomb.”

“Hexachromite?” Lee countered. “Isn’t that a sealing agent? In a bomb?!”

“It has also proven to be lethal to marine life. The supplies of it were running low on Sea Base Four, suggesting that they were using it to fight the invaders.” Hannah added.

“So they’re all gone now? And it most definitely wasn’t the mauves?” the President interjected, seeking clarification.

“It was definitely these creatures, and they are all dead.” Pierre sat down, before saying to himself, “For now...”

Conrad stood, took a moment then binned the papers. They burned instantly, turning into ashes just seconds later. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as another potential international crisis was defused. The Homo Reptilia were finished...
*  *  *
Lextire, however, had other ideas…

In the passages deep beneath the Earth, he had arrived at a rocky opening. On the other side of it was a chamber filled with Silurians. They were in suspended animation - a dusty army waiting to be called into battle.

Lextire’s ugly complexion twisted into a cruel fist of a smile. He walked forwards and manipulated the organic green controls. The chamber suddenly filled with gas and the Silurians began to twitch as they awoke.

Lextire’s smile broadened and he raised his arms in triumph as the long-dormant Silurians began to respire. “Awake, my brothers! The humans thought they had eradicated us, but they have failed! Many eons ago Sea Devils and Silurians were as one, now let us unite again! We shall combine to fight the ape menace! We shall wipe them from the surface of our glorious planet!

“When the time is right, brothers, we shall emerge and rid the Earth of the ape. But for now, we must wait and strengthen our numbers, ensure our fighting force is at the peak of its ability, and then,” Lextire paused, as he curled a smile - “…we shall reclaim the Earth as our own.”

Many of the Silurians were now awake and had gathered around Lextire, listening intently as they regained full consciousness. Lextire’s face manipulated itself into a triumphant grin.

“The apes’ victory will be short-lived. We shall emerge and kill every, last, human!”

There was a roar of positivity from the gathered reptiles as they moved behind their new leader. Lextire now lead his new army deeper into the network of passages. The foundations of humanity’s demise had been laid.

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