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It has been rumoured that during the Dark Times, the Time Lords were experimenting with other forms of time travel. All traces were erased from records, but whispers persist of a secret chamber hidden in the caves of Gallifrey.

To this day, no such place has ever been found, but there are some who have never given up searching...

The Story

Windows Of Time - Episode One
By Sebastian J. Brook
Gallifrey: Pre-Time War

Verdanin combed the shelves of the Great Library of Gallifrey, looking for a particular book on the indigenous species of the wastelands. He was a member of the Academy, now in his second year, and trying hard to complete his latest assignment. The information he needed could have easily been found in the databanks, but, as Verdanin had learned for himself, the old books often had notes and details left out by their technological replacement.

A mere shadow of its former self, dust had settled on many of the library's books, and as the light splintered in through the glass windows, countless particles could be seen moving between the shards of light like tiny insignificant diamonds.

Almost about to give up, Verdanin lazily trailed his forefinger on one particularly dusty book, before stopping, almost excitedly, and then wiped the spine with the flat of his hand. The old brown leather revealed a Gallifreyan seal and the book's title: 'Wonders Of The Wastelands'. Just below it sat the author's name, Urban Chronotis. A smile curled on Verdanin's face as he recognised the surname. He had heard tales of his uncle; once a renowned archivist and librarian to this very room. Of course, Verdanin knew the great family secret of his Uncle's unfair fall from grace many years prior. The Time Lords never did find out the whole story, and they never will...

Verdanin clutched the oversized book with pride and made his way to the arched exit. As he approached the threshold, the stern-faced librarian blocked his path. "All artefacts of the Great Library have to be timestamped for withdrawal." boomed the voice.

"I am rather in a hurry..." said Verdanin, determined on crossing the threshold.

The librarian snatched the book and inspected the spine. "How did you get this?" he grunted with an accusing tone.

"It was in the eco-"

"Access to this book is strictly prohibited without the necessary clearance." The librarian grabbed the comm device from his belt and called for a colleague to return the book to the restricted level.

"I only need it for a few hours" said Verdanin, almost pleading with the librarian.

"Come back with the proper clearance and I will gladly release it to you", he replied sarcastically.

The librarian stepped aside, allowing Verdanin to move through the archway and out to the hallway that led back to his accommodation quadrant. As he made his way down the long hallway, he passed a familiar face; Professor Vorrs - the very person he had to hand the assignment into in less than two days' time. Vorrs had a fixed gaze of determination ahead of him as he headed towards the library, and was in such a stride that he didn't even notice his student, silently fumbling for words of acknowledgement, and failing in doing so.

Completely ignored, Verdanin continued on his way down the hallway, looking back one final time to see Vorrs speaking with the librarian. The pair turned and locked eyes with him before turning back to their discussion.

Verdanin quickly turned his head forward, hoping they hadn't seen him looking at them, and quickened his pace back to the quadrant.
* * * * *
Later that evening, Verdanin searched the cupboards of his room, searching for a particular brown case. It was an old Earth case of the finest brown leather. He leaned closer to it and sniffed the flat surface. It smelled of time; oaky, polished, smoky, dusty time. He slowly opened the case to reveal an old tweed hat, containing a pair of half-moon spectacles. Verdanin recalled a memory of his Mother, giving him the case just before his first year at the Academy. He never found a use for it, and certainly not its contents, but the sentimental value somehow meant more to him now.

He picked up the glasses and stood in front of the DataMirror and placed them on his face. He pushed the bridge of the glasses upward to settle them on his nose, and *click*... the bridge seemed to snap forward. Worried he had broken the glasses, Verdanin hurriedly took them off his face and inspected the bridge. It seemed to be on a pivot that locked and then retracted. Relieved he hadn't broken them, he inspected them further. Now on the hinge, the two half-moons of the glasses came together to form a circle. As they did this, so too did the arms, and at the curved end he noticed a strange pattern. He moved them away from the close scrutiny of his eyes to see them as a whole, and realised that no longer were they a pair of glasses, but a key...


* * * * *

*Windows Of Time is an unofficial, fan-made story. Doctor Who is copyright to the BBC. No infringement intended.

Page Updated: 26/8/2021
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Story Details

Written By:
Sebastian J. Brook

Illustrated By:
Nikki Hunter

Promo Poster By:
DWO Creative

With thanks to:
Nathan Jones
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Doctor Who is © Copyright to the BBC. No infringement intended.