Episode Number: Episode Title: Transmission Date: Duration: Ratings (in Millions):
1 The Edge of Destruction 8/2/1964 25:04 Mins 10.4
2 The Brink of Disaster 15/2/1964 22:11 Mins 9.9
Season: Doctor: Producer(s): Writer: Script Editor: Director(s):
One The 1st Doctor Verity Lambert,
Mervyn Pinfield
David Whitaker David Whitaker Richard Martin,
Frank Cox

Further Information

Regular Cast
The Doctor - William Hartnell
Ian Chesterton - William Russell
Barbara Wright - Jacqueline Hill
Susan - Carole Ann Ford
No additional cast members
Designer - Raymond Cusick
Costumes - Daphne Dare
Make-Up - Ann Ferriggi
Incidental Music - Stock
Studio Lighting - Dennis Channon
Studio Sound - Jack Brummitt
Production Assistant - Tony Lightley
Assistant Floor Manager - Jeremy Hare
After their skirmish with the Daleks, the TARDIS crew hurriedly leave the planet Skaro in an attempt to return to contemporary England, home to schoolteachers Ian and Barbara.
However, an explosion renders both of them, plus the mysterious doctor and his granddaughter Susan, unconscious - and when they awake, all four sense that something is very wrong indeed.
Aggression, paranoia and a feeling of despair have gripped them all - no one seems to trust the other and, bit-by-bit, the Doctor's trusted ship seems to be breaking down around them. But is it? Has the TARDIS finally tired of its inhabitants, or is there a more logical, more rational explanation for everyone's behaviour and the ship's bizarre course of action?
Additional Information
Working Title(s):
■  Inside the Spaceship
■  Beyond the Sun

Things to look out for:
■  The Doctor shows astonishment that the TARDIS might actually be alive.

■  All 2 episodes exist as 16mm telerecordings.

■  Coming Soon
Merchandise Releases


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The Beginning - box-set

Manufactured by: BBC DVD / 2|Entertain (cat.#1882)

Format: DVD - Region 2 & 4 - PAL UK  Episodic

RRP: £34.99
Rating: 12

Released: 30th January 2006


The Edge Of Destruction, released as part of The Beginning box-set, together with An Unearthly Child & The Daleks.

Special Features:

■  Commentaries on various episodes by William Russell and Carol Ann Ford plus the show's producer Verity Lambert and directors Waris Hussein and Christopher Barry.
■  Unedited studio footage of the pilot episode.
■  Documentary detailing the origins of the show.
■  Condensed version of the (missing) fourth story Marco Polo.
■  Comedy sketches from the Doctor Who night broadcast on BBC 2.


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The Edge of Destruction

Manufactured by: BBC Video (cat.#6877)

Format: VHS - PAL UK - Episodic
RRP: £12.99
Rating: PG

Released: 2nd May 2000


This story was released together with Dr Who: The Pilot Episode.


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The Edge of Destruction

Manufactured by: BBC / AudioGO
Audio CD
RRP: £13.25

Released: 6th January 2011


Novelisation of the Classic Series adventure over 4 x CD's.
Read by William Russell


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The Edge of Destruction

Manufactured by: Target
Format: Paperback Book
Written by: Nigel Robinson

RRP: £1.99

Published: 20th October 1988


No.132 in the Target Doctor Who Library.



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