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Best Slot Website Games With Winter Themes
By Doctor Who Online

One of the greatest things about the huge wealth of online slot titles out there nowadays is the nature of their themes. You can go ahead and visit if you’re interested in playing at some of the best online slot websites. You can really play an online slot at any time of the year and match it to the current season, weather, or perhaps even sporting calendar.

It just makes the overall experience so much more gratifying – you could be relaxing on a yacht playing The Codfather for instance. Or sat on the outskirts of a Latin dance party playing At The Copa; the possibilities are endless. What you will really want in the coming winter, however, is a good old slot that reflects on the cold but beautiful season. Well, here we go!

Battle of the Greenhat Peak
Is there anything more emblematic of a harsh and callous winter than the mythical yeti? The beast has been a crucial part of cultural folklore across the colder locations in the world for quite some time now; it’s only right that somebody steps in to make an online slot about it isn’t it? Step forward Thunderkick Gaming, the renowned developers behind such titles as Well Of Wonders.

Yeti: Battle of the Greenhat Peak takes on a 5 reel and 11 pay line configuration and can be played from as little as 0.10 a spin. You will find yourself on the snowy slopes of the Himalayas battling away in the hope of getting your hands on a Wild Attack feature, Sticky Wilds and perhaps even a highly lucrative bonus game. The latter gives the chance to win 845 times your initial wager – not bad eh?

Wolves Wolves Wolves
The wolf is one of the animals with the most cultural resonance in the world; the iconic howl being able to send shivers up the spines of even the hardiest of men. And no wonder really, you really would not want to find yourself face to face with a wolf pack in the wilderness. No sir. However, what you will want to find yourself face to face with this winter is the magnificent Wolves Wolves Wolves slot from Playtech.

The title works on a slightly unusual format of 5 reels and between 40 and 100 pay lines – this added aspect of customisation sets it apart from many online slots on the market today, a definite reason for its success. Another major thing that defines this title is the alluring prize of 3,750 times your initial stake. And get this, you could win it all in one spin alone!

Frost Dragon
You would be forgiven for thinking that a frost dragon is a pretty impossible juxtaposition… dragons breathe fire after all, and fire melts frost. But regardless, Gameplay Interactive have made the impossible possible with the mercurial title Frost Dragon. The game plays out on a fairly conventional 5 reel and 20 pay line configuration, but things get really interesting when you encounter free spins and 15x multipliers that will have you jumping for joy.

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