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How Does Self-Exclusion For UK Casinos Work
By Doctor Who Online
Gambling can be addictive and some may have difficulty disciplining themselves when playing. Minimising hours spent gambling can be hard for certain individuals and which is why it is crucial for casinos to have the self-exclude option in place. Measures can be put into place to help you stay away from your favourite gambling sites, whilst you work on your addiction or simply take a break. Gamstop is a free online self-exclusion platform that lets you put controls into place which restrict your activities in relation to gambling. It prevents you from using gambling sites and apps of companies that are licensed in the United Kingdom.

UK casino self-exlusion platforms

Gamban is a piece of software that can be downloaded on a desktop browser or smartphone device (iOS or Android). It blocks gambling apps or websites on all of the devices that you may have. Should you not have the willpower to control your gambling habits, this software will help you. Gambling addiction can be a serious threat and it can easily consume you. Taking the necessary steps to beat addiction is vital. Installing the necessary software on your device is very quick and easy. It is a very effective way of practising and implementing self-exclusion into your life.

UK casino self-exlusion online directory, search Gamstop casinos

One of the UK's largest online casino directories is Gamcheck. You can screen and search over 340 government regulated and licenced UK online casinos with ease. This platform thoroughly vets all the websites and performs regular customer support checks. Deposits and withdrawals are also included on a regular basis. When a player signs up to a casino through this directory, their deposits are guaranteed for the lifetime of their accounts. Each site listed on here is registered with Gamstop which promotes responsible gambling. Signing up will give you a stress-free and seamless gaming experience. Safety is the most important aspect and this is definitely not compromised under this platform.

Also GamblingCommission is providing their database to the public, so you can search for licensed casinos directly from UKGC database.

UK casino self-exlusion and managing your content intake

Founded in 1996, NetNanny uses artificial intelligence to enable you to monitor your online habits and protect yourself from content that is harmful. You can manage your screentime by setting limits and filtering the content that you take in. The real-time alerts are very effective as they set a trigger, should you want to go on a specific website that you have banned yourself from. You can sign up 5 to 20 devices for a yearly subscription, meaning you can add your family or friends to this software as well. You will be able to browse safely with a peace of mind.

UK casino self-exlusion with non Gamtop casinos

If you're looking to gamble on non Gamstop casinos, you must be careful. It's not always wise as this will sometimes mean that they are not secure, fair, or adhere to UK laws and regulations. So be sure to compare companies not on Gamstop before. Even if the companies are not based within the UK but are serving UK players, they're inclined to be licenced under the UK Gambling Commission. If they aren't they might face heavy fines, as they would have violated the regulations. The sites which aren't licenced shouldn't accept UK players as there are strict measures for citizens. UK citizens, playing on an unlicensed casino will not be served positively as they will be in violation of the country's terms.

Final thoughts: UK casino self-exlusion

Casinos not on Gamban would be exactly what addicts would be looking for and as this software has primarily been created to help players take breaks or ban themselves from websites, they should steer away from it. UK casinos promote self-exclusion by helping players who face addiction. Individuals players should know their limits and set boundaries for themselves. This will help them have a balanced and healthy relationship with gambling. Playing on unlicensed casinos will not help them in any way because their addiction problems will be enhanced. Unlicensed casinos will entice these kinds of players with large bonuses and free spins not considering their well being.

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