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How To Be As Smart As Doctor Who In Sports Betting
By Doctor Who Online
The most fascinating thing about super-human characters is their ability to be better than humans. We want to be better than normal, we want to cross the boundaries of our capabilities, and rise above our limits. This very human nature explains the popularity of British Television Show Doctor Who. Spanning over 26 seasons. 12 series, nearly 900 episodes, several movies, and even games and escape rooms, this show has long fascinated people all over the world. The one power the Doctor possesses is his intelligence and quick-thinking. He can always come up with a creative solution to thwart his enemies and save the day. We as humans, desire that intense intelligence, to succeed in daily activities. Imagine possessing that intelligence and quick wit during sports betting! You would be an efficient and perfect odds calculator, the bets would be incredibly easy, and you’d win big always. Well, maybe you can’t be the Doctor, but here are some tips to be smart sports better.

1. Bank Account:
One of the wisest and smartest things to start off sports betting with is opening up a bank account. A very important thing is to ensure there is enough money in the bank account so as to last a whole year or at least an entire season, and not just a single game. This ensures your longevity in gambling and deposited money for the future. The second thing is to always have enough money in your account. Always have 100 times the amount of your base bet. However, if you are a beginner, you probably don’t know what your base bet value is. The best thing to do in this scenario is to deposit the entire amount you can spare for betting. Then, place the base bet at 1-2 percent of your deposit. This ensures safety and security, which is the first steppingstone to being smart.

2. Make Smart Bets
This may seem an obvious step, but it is the hardest of them all. We aren’t blessed with the massive brain the Doctor has, so we need to improvise. This improvisation comes in the form of skills, strategies, and simple vigilance. The first thing is to figure out the money placed in each bet. For bets, you are confident about placing the highest amounts and vice versa. Ensure that your bets don’t cross 4 percent of your bankroll. For bets you are not confident about, your value should not exceed more than 0.5% of your bankroll. If you are barely confident about a bet, walk away. Better bets will come your way, and there is wisdom in not taking too many risks. Another little secret is to never bet on a team you support, or your home team, as the emotion, the hope of them winning, may cloud your judgment and predictions may thus become inaccurate, and result in further losses. The most important thing to do is to not make bad bets. This refers to the practice of irresponsibly making more and more bets after a loss. People often do this to regain the money they have lost. This often makes you irresponsible and desperate. This leads to foolish bets, which leads to further losses, and thus to a vicious cycle. The opposite works too. It is important not to get too overconfident with a good bet and keep irresponsibly betting thereafter. It is very important to stick to a proper betting schedule.

3. Bet with the right mindset
During a matter of betting, logic is our best friend, emotion is our enemy. It is very important to be clear-minded and sober while placing bets. This allows you to logically judge a situation, assess your odds, and place the money accordingly. Emotions cloud your judgment and thus prevent you from making wise decisions. This makes you mess up the bets you make, the values you assign to each bet, as well as the odds of you winning. There even is a special term for this phenomenon called “Going on a tilt”, where emotions cloud your decisions and ultimately affect your results.

4. Learn the terms
It’s important to learn all the technicalities related to sports betting. The more aware you are, the better position you are in to place smarter bets. Money lines for games, point spreads, parlays are all important to understand. It is important to learn and understand betting strategy, as this is a primary factor in helping you win big. The Doctor would always strategize before a big bet.

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Page Updated: 27/2/2020

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