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For over five decades, Doctor Who has been a staple of entertainment in homes all across the world. With the advent of video gaming, however, the Doctor and co reached a new demographic, as players could put themselves into the signature suit and tie (or scarf) of their favourite reincarnations. In the 90s, for example, the release of Dalek Attack on the Commodore 64, Amiga and Atari ST marked the ability to play as the fourth, fifth and seventh Doctors and their companions, all while platforming and combating through various London boroughs.

More recently, the Doctor made his way onto the Wii through the action-adventure title Doctor Who: Return to Earth, and on the Wii U as character and level packs for LEGO Dimensions. While the former hasn't fared well in terms of critical reception, the latter has been a triumphant success, with Mike Fahey from Kotaku stating that "Long story short, it’s the best." It allows players to not only take part in an adventure starring the 12th Doctor, but also features a host of protagonists and villains from the series' history. Pretty neat, eh?


Now, the question begs: when, if ever, will the Doctor make his debut on Nintendo's latest console-handheld hybrid, the Switch? Voucherbox's reporting of the system's affordable pricing (£279.99), as well as its appeal to both hardcore and casual gaming demographics, makes the Switch ideal for both occasional and diehard DW fans alike. 

Lego Dimensions, while not currently on the Switch, operates using similar technology to already present software. Skylanders Imaginators, a recent Switch launch title, as well as Nintendo's own Amiibo figures are part of the same toys-to-life genre - a category that features another staple of the video game giant's retinue: family and child-friendly titles. Doctor Who would fit in beautifully alongside Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong et al as a key player in Nintendo's success going forward. And with Peter Capaldi hanging up his screwdriver later this year, the stage will be set for a new Doctor to take up the mantle in the wake of a new generation of Doctor Who fans.

This would not be an unprecedented move for Nintendo, considering Sony's recent get of video game adaptations of the Spider-Man franchise. Having a big name in Nintendo's pocket for a series of exclusive games, or even just exclusive LEGO Dimensions content, could help them compete in a market dominated by unique first-party titles from rival companies.


Doctor Who is a series loved by many through books, video games, comics and of course, its signature TV show. Nintendo would be foolish not to bring this franchise under its wing; doing so could bolster the success of both the IP and the video game company alike. Families, children and even hardcore gamers could enjoy the quirk of the Doctor and his many exploits, on the go and at home. Nintendo would no doubt see its sales figures rise in the aftermath of taking on such an exciting, popular and prosperous property. Let's hope it happens.

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