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Streaming Technology
By Doctor Who Online
How we use streaming technology

Online streaming has become the most common way we consume our media today. With the emergence of massive companies such as Netflix and Amazon, online streaming has become ubiquitous.

People have access to thousands of options at their fingertips and it is allowing people to consume endless amounts of content at any time. The reason streaming has become so popular is due to the fact that most users do not have the capability to download large multimedia files at a fast rate from the internet.

What is streaming technology?

Streaming is when data is transferred and can be processed as a steady continuous stream. Basically, it is what happens when you listen to music from Spotify or some of those Joe Rogan podcasts when you’re connected to the internet.

When you stream a video or an audio file, the creator’s file is stored remotely and transmitted to the user a few seconds at a time.

Difference between streaming and downloading

The difference between downloading files and streaming boils down to efficiency. If you download something, the entire file is going to be saved onto your hard drive and take up precious memory.

While you are downloading the file, you will have to wait until it is finished downloading before you can play it. When you stream something, you can open the file and play the contents (movies, music or games) without having to save it to your computer.

To understand the difference you could picture the differences between a lake and a river. A river has a continuous flow of water (data) which rapidly flows downstream (end-user). A lake, on the other hand, is a bit like a downloaded file. It stays in the same place and takes up a lot of room.

Both contain water, or in this case data, but both distribute it in different ways.

Types of streaming

As technology has developed so has the variety of streams we have access to.

Basically, any piece of modern tech that can connect to the internet can stream some sort of information.

The most popular types of streaming include;

1. Video streaming: Allows users to not only watch their favourite movie or TV series, but also vines, vlogs and basically any published or documented video online. Netflix and Youtube are the big players in the video streaming market, but due to a rise in online streaming, many more companies are coming into the fold.

2. Online game streaming: Players from all over the world can play against each other. A good example of this would be online casinos. Playing in a live casino allows users to win money in real-time against other opponents just like the casinos in Las Vegas, only from the comfort of your own home. There is so much variety thanks to streaming too, so users will never get bored and can keep switching it up.

3. Social media: Connecting with others around the globe has never been easier with the boom of social media sites. Facebook is the biggest social media site with over 2 billion users and also owns Whatsapp and Instagram which are 2 of the largest platforms in the world.

4. Music: Streaming services such as Spotify give users access to thousands of songs from any genre they want. This has allowed smaller artists to gain an audience a lot quicker due to the massive reach these streaming sites have.
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