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The Most Popular All-Time TV Shows & Movies In The UK
By Doctor Who Online

Trying to create a list of the most popular all-time TV shows and movies in the UK is no easy task. Over the decades, some fantastic films and some incredible television programmes have remained popular and are still much-loved today. From the likes of Rain Man (1988) in the late 80s right up to Grey's Anatomy in the early 2000s, here's a run-down of some of our favourites that we think you will enjoy if you haven't already seen them.

American TV shows

Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy charts the surgical career of Meredith Grey and her colleagues over many years from their first day as interns. From choosing a speciality to dating and marriage, there is nothing off-limits for this show which has a massive cult following and has injured over 17 seasons so far. The death of a main character is like losing a best friend, and over the years, there have been many losses as well as a lot of fun and laughter. It is a much-loved show that attracts a new audience all the time as well as old faithful's who have been with it since the beginning.

Will and Grace

This is a comedy series featuring a gay male lawyer and his straight interior designer roommate who initially fell in love with him but now except her place as his best friend. This is undoubtedly a laugh a minute and again was very popular with many hilarious characters, commanding a reboot series long after the original seasons had finished. If you enjoy a comedy, then you may love Will and Grace as it has something for everyone and is well written and highly entertaining.

British TV Shows

Dr Who

Doctor Who first graced our screens in 1963 and follows the life of the last Time Lord called the Doctor. After a significant hiatus, it returned in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston playing the iconic role. Currently, the Doctor is portrayed by Jodie Whittaker, who is the first female incarnation of our time travelling spaceman. The Doctor lives in the Tardis, which can travel through time in space and encounters many alien lifeforms; some he needs to save, and some want to kill him. One of the most famous enemies is the Daleks, and they too have seen upgrades and reboots over the years, they started out as being unable to climb stairs, and they can now fly, which makes things a lot trickier for our hero.

Death in Paradise

A modern success story for the BBC, Death in Paradise, features a British detective on the island of Saint Marie solving crimes, which are generally gory murders. Although the format is quite samey, the change in detective, which happens pretty regularly, keeps the audience interested, and this is far from being serious. Hence, it offers the audience some laughs along the way. Ralph Little has just taken his turn as the leading investigator, with Ardal O'Hanlon, Ben Miller, and Kris Marshall all taking their turn. It's always as in January, which is a nice break from the dismal UK weather as we get to see the glorious sunshine on offer, and the stories are fun and engaging, making it the perfect escapism for a dull day. The series is shot on the island of Guadeloupe and often features many famous UK faces, who cameo or guest star for short periods of time.

Only Fools and Horses

Comedy gold can be found in the form of only fools and horses, with David Jason starring as Del Boy, a rogue market trader who would sell his own grandpa if he thought he could make a quick Buck. Living in a particularly grotty high rise in Peckham, the series follows Del Boy and his brother Rodney as they dream of becoming millionaires. There haven't been any new incarnations recently, but the original series remains incredibly popular and has a large following.

American Movie

Rain Man

Rain Man was a 1988 movie featuring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, Hoffman played an autistic man, and his brother Tom Cruise was a high-flying businessman. The latter thought he could take advantage of the intellect displayed by the autistic to win big at the casinos of Las Vegas. Hoffman's performance was well documented, and he received many accolades, Cruise's character was not such a nice person, and he portrayed the bad guy of the piece.

UK Movie

James Bond

The James Bond franchise started in 1962, and there are a series of movies following the adventures of the secret agent 007 James Bond. Again, this is a series where the leading man often changes, and many actors are desperate to claim this role as their own. Sean Connery is perhaps the most famous, and Daniel Craig is currently playing it. The rumour mill is always in full force about who might take the role next, and now, it is tipped to be Idris Elba, but whether that actually happens, no one knows. As yet, James Bond has never transferred to being a female character like the Doctor, but whether that will happen over time is anyone's guess. The latest film has been delayed several times due to the global pandemic and is due for release at some point this year. Bond is overseen by M, again that this role is a prestigious accolade for any actor or actress, and this has passed from male to female with Judi Dench giving a magnificent portrayal.

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