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Top 5 Doctor Who Episodes To Watch
By Doctor Who Online
DAs many of us are using up plenty of our free time watching TV and reading books, it’s worth revisiting some great Doctor Who episodes so that you can reminisce about the good times as a Doctor Who fan. Dust off those old episodes in the cupboard or online and why not watch them again? Everyone’s top five is probably slightly different, but here’s ours.

5. Vincent and the Doctor
Originally aired in June 2010, this is the tenth episode of the fifth series. You might have been switching it up between TV and comics at this stage if you enjoyed every aspect of Doctor Who as ‘Travelling with Amy’ was the comic story at the time of this episode.

Winning Hand featuring the eleventh doctor and Amy Pond was a good comic story around the same time as the Vincent and the Doctor TV episode. It was all about a card game at the galaxy’s most exclusive casino haunt for criminals, which was called the Trans-Vegas Casino. The Doctor beats Hubert Crimp’s hand, wins plenty of money, and then distributes it to all the enslaved creatures as compensation. Even those from another planet can’t get enough of a good card game.

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Anyway, we digress. Back to the episode about Vincent Van Gogh. And what a great episode it was. It depicts the Dutchman’s struggle with day to day life rather than focussing on him cutting his ear off. The part where he arrives at an art gallery showing all of his paintings in 2010 is just great TV. Almost moving. Tear jerking even. The jokiness between Vincent and Amy is also great to watch. Just a splendid episode from start to finish.

4. Heaven Sent
Heaven Sent is a very unique episode in that only Peter Capaldi appears in it. He’s in a weird looking castle and chasing him is a creature that only has to touch him to kill him. The Doctor needs to reveal the truth if he wants to live. As he’s trying to escape, he comes across plenty of clues to suggest he might have been there a lot longer than he thought.

This episode is essentially Doctor Who at its best. It’s a fantastic piece of television that has the Doctor talking to himself all the way through. Genius.

3. The Eleventh Hour
Whenever there are introductory episodes for a new Doctor, they tend to let us down in terms of excitement and intrigue. Not Eleventh Hour. What a great episode.

A crack on a young girl’s wall turns out to be a crack in time and space. The Doctor initially lands in the girl’s garden, damaging the Tardis in the process. The Doctor cannot solve anything until that’s fixed, so he promises to return in a few minutes. Unfortunately for the young girl, he’s a little longer than a few minutes. 12 years longer in fact. It’s a horror mixed in with a comedy kind of episode. It doesn’t disappoint and is probably the best introductory episode of the lot. It deserves a place in our top five.

2. Turn Left
This was when things took a different turn. No pun intended with the title there. Catherine Tate was in this episode a hell of a lot more than the Doctor himself, and the episode tried its hand at an alternate reality, which worked pretty well.

Donna Noble, who is played by Tate, is left to defend the Earth from alien attacks after the Doctor dies. London gets destroyed and all hell breaks loose in the UK. The military are on the streets. This episode gives us a strong idea of what life would be like if the Doctor wasn’t around to defend against alien invasion. It’s a great episode with some humour added in. Donna was in the car, being convinced to turn right, but she turned left. Decisive. But what’s on her back?

1. Blink
Does anyone who has compiled a favourites list have this episode in any other spot? Arguably not. It’s a tremendous episode. Stone Angels chasing after Sally Sparrow after she finds a warning message. Blink is the perfect title as it’s like the weeping angels move when Sally isn’t looking.

A rock being thrown at her, writing on the wall, Easter eggs. The messages are all very strange, but this episode showcases the perfect companion. Sally is able to help defeat the weeping angels and seems to understand the Doctor as if they’ve been the best of friends for years. A crazy number of things are covered in this one episode, from relationships, numerous timelines, and the defeat of an enemy without the Doctor even seeing them. We trust you’ve seen Blink on numerous occasions already, but why not give it one more watch during this testing time for everyone in the UK? It’s a thing of beauty. Doctor Who genius.

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