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DWO caught up with 2|Entertain, Classic Doctor Who Commissioning Editor, Dan Hall to discuss the 2010 releases.

2010 has brought fans three Doctor Who box-sets so far, with The Cybermen set due out in August. Have you found the combined packs have sold well, and could it open up the door for season box-sets at some point in the future?

Box sets are a great way to themes or ideas together. For example, the KAMELION BOX was all about raising the profile of what I thought was a terribly underrated character. As for season box sets, there are no current plans to do this as our resources are concentrated on finishing the range in its current format.

Speaking of box-sets, what can we expect from the Re-visitations set, due out later in the year?

REVISITATION is a great box, which I'm very proud of. The idea came from the knowledge that some of the show's best stories were released at the beginning of the range. At the time they were ground-breaking, but since then costs have come down, allowing more money to be spent on VAM. Restoration has also improved considerably, and so came about the idea for REVISITATION.

Exact details of content I can't confirm at the moment, except one cracking title...THE FOE FROM THE FUTURE. This looks at the abandoned story that eventually became THE TALONS OF WENG CHAING. If I had my way, I'd release TALONS every week, it's such a great story! :)

We are now quite comfortably over halfway through the releases for the Classic Series DVD range. When do you currently project the whole range to have been released by?

Indeed we are now in pre-production or at the very least pre-planning through to the end. At this time I can't confirm when the end will come. But as we know, in Doctor Who, ends are generally only beginnings!

With so many stories to choose from, how difficult was it to draw up your plan for the Classic Series release schedule and has it changed much since your initial outline?

There may be a lot of stories, but there is a finite number with defined content. In this way it wasn't too difficult, but certainly enjoyable!

As for changes, there have certainly been disagreements, controversy and changes. But this is all part of the standard day-to-day running of a business with passion!

What else can fans look forward to in 2010?

One or two announcements. ;-)

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