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DWO caught up with 2|entertain, Classic Doctor Who Commissioning Editor, Dan Hall to discuss the 2009 releases.

Reading your recent interview in Doctor Who Magazine, it's safe to say that 2009 is going to be an exciting year for fans of the Doctor Who DVD range. In particular there's the fantastic news about the recolourisation of Episode Three of Planet of the Daleks. Does this pave the way for the possibility for more episodes to be recolourised?

It is impossible to commit to that at this stage. Recolourising was only viable here because we had the single episode to work on. That said, it is artistically good enough that we'll certainly consider doing it again.

In addition to the titles confirmed in DWM, you mentioned there will be 5 more stories and 1 box-set still to be announced. As you know, our site visitors' information appetites are insatiable, can you confirm any more releases / dates that we can look forward to as well as any associated extras?

Yes, I can! Exclusively on DWO I can reveal one further release from 2009 will be The Keys of Marinus. Although I can’t be specific about the date, we hope to bring this to the high street in the first half of the year. Besides the usual VAM (commentaries, production subtitles, top-notch restoration), we’ve a great documentary from producer James Goss. The doc, The Sets of Marinus promises to be enjoyable – Goss has shown himself to be one of the most uniquely-voiced producers on the range.

Of the releases confirmed so far, what has been your favorite title to work on?

An impossible choice!! But if I were to chose one, it would be The War Games. From the outset I wanted that to be one of the jewels of 2009. We have, tragically, so few Troughtons that a big noise has to be made when one comes along. It’s also our first ever triple-disc set, so it’s a market premier too.

Recently there has been a huge increase in the Blu-ray format, is this an avenue that 2|entertain might look into at some point in the future for the Doctor Who range?

There are no current plans to feature the Classic Doctor Who range on Blu-Ray.

Finally, if you could have One round trip in the TARDIS, anywhere in time and space, where would you go and why?

I’d go to the playground of Moss Hall School in Finchley (North London), in 1981. I’d find the 8 year-old me and say, “Chin up – it’ll all come true.”

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