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DWO interviews Philip Lawrence, Big Finish Writer and webmaster of Action Figure Thearre.

What is your first memory of the show?
I think the first time I actually sat down and concentrated on the show was for The Deadly Assassin. Maybe it was because it was so different to what had gone before that it made me take notice. I was clearly aware of Sarah Jane though and I remember the monks from Masque of Mandragora and the final episode of the Hand of Fear with both female and male Eldrads. My earliest recollection though is definitely Styre's death in The Sontaran Experiment. I was fascinated by how he just kind of melted.

How did you feel when you got the message telling you that Big Finish wanted you to write for them?
I was totally on cloud nine, completely over the moon. It was completely a dream come true. For weeks I was just beaming and pinching myself. But it was also mixed with an absolute terror that either I'd mess it up or that I'd misread the email and they were actually saying 'we hate you, never contact us again.' On top of that I had to keep it to myself. I went for months thinking I was just going to explode.

For those that haven't yet heard your audio, can you give us a brief summary, and perhaps a little teaser?
It's part mystery, part thriller. The Doctor and Peri find themselves with a bunch of humans. They have all lost their memories and need to piece together who they are and more importantly where they are before an impending disaster gets them. Ken Bentley has done such a good job on making it quite a tense 25 minutes. When I heard it for the first time I realised half way through my shoulders were hunched with tension. As for a teaser, it's hard to say anything without giving it all away, so I'll just say that there's potential for a sequel. Or do I mean a prequel? Certainly I'd love to bring back Raquel Cassidy's Destiny Gray.

You've had a long, successful career working in theatre. Do you have a favourite play, and do you have any more coming up?
The first one that springs to mind is Bouncers by John Godber which I did years ago for a company called Brute Farce, working with three other guys who were fantastic. It's a fast paced, energetic piece and a real joy for an actor to do as you switch instantly from playing the tough bouncer in a tux to a female hairdresser, to a young guy on a night out and back again- all without props or costumes changes, just with your voice and physicallity.
As for the future, I'm in a radio play coming out on wireless theatre next month that I'll certainly be making Big Finish aware of. It'd be amazing to be in a play as well as having written one.

Finally, if you could have one round trip in the TARDIS, anywhere in time and space, where would you go and why?

That is such a good question. There are so many places I'd like to see and people I'd love to chat with. But I think I'd squander my trip for the sake of all fandom and go back to the 70s to stop the Beeb junking all those episodes. How brilliant would it be to have things like Marco Polo and the Web of Fear on dvd?!

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Philip Lawrence
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