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DWO caught up with The 4th Doctor himself, Tom Baker to discuss the new Doctor Who: Honets' Nest Audio range.

Were you aware of how badly the fans wanted to hear a new adventure with you, and given the reception would you be inclined to reprise the role again?

I was aware the fans were keen and if they approve and the Beeb asks me, I'll do another.

How easy was it to get back into character as The Doctor, and did you discover anything new in the role all these years later?

It was dead easy to pick up the thread; I have never stopped being the Doctor.

Of all the Hornets’ Nest series, was there a particular story that you enjoyed the most?

I was very thrilled when I met the 11th century nuns. I've always had a tendresse for old nuns. [#4 A Sting in the Tale].

What’s next for Tom Baker?

Tomorrow, two commercials for W.H Smith and I have just turned down the part of God in a pilot comedy to be shot in Barcelona. I didn't like the part, too serious. The devil was a better part but they didn't want an OLD DEVIL.

If you had one final chance to go in the TARDIS, where would you go to and why?

I think to Hell and Back. Over the years I feel Hell has had a very bad press. I mean, if it's so bad why did Lucifer drop out of heaven and settle in Hell? And why do so many other people go there uninvited?

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