During An Unearthly Child, we often hear about 'the other side of the mountain' and about the other tribes that might live there, and given the ending of the final episode, it was a real opportunity for us to find out about them. The ending shot as the TARDIS disappears, leaves a perfect scenario, with the brow of a rocky hillside, in which to introduce the tribe. Whilst writing, I couldn't help but think of that scene from Dances With Wolves, where John Dunbar (Kevin Costner) sees the Sioux Indians for the first time in a similar setting.
As Za and the other tribe members launched their spears towards the TARDIS, they gazed with disbelief as the blue box disappeared before their eyes.

The clanking of the wooden spears toppling onto one another gave way to a moment of silence before a murmur of voices could be heard over the brow of the rocky landscape before them.

Za waved his arms in a lowering motion, signalling the tribe to stay quiet. As they huddled together, a group of 13 tribesmen and women appeared at the top of the hill. One of the tribesmen, a burly man with a wide stance, made his way, alone, standing before Za - his mouth wide open in awe at the burning torch he held.

"Fire!" exclaimed the tribesman, turning his head back to look at his tribe. Za asserted his authority by waving the fire in front of the tribesman, forcing him to step backward.

"This is our fire. You try and take from us, and you will die" threatened Za.

"I am Krell", said the tribesman, almost submissively. "Your tribe from the other side of the mountains?" asked Za. "We are" added Krell. "We saw lights in the trees, and our elders say it is fire". "You teach us?" he asked.

"Fire is ours, you will NOT take" Za exclaimed. "We do not want to take, we wish to learn and share with you" Krell replied. "Too long we have lived in the cold mountains, and too many of our tribe die of cold. No longer can we live there. We have many tools and many women, and food to share with you."

"No!" said Za with a forceful wave of his fiery torch. Horg stepped forward from behind Za and tried to appeal to his better nature. "These people will die Za. They can share with us, and help us to hunt meat!". "I can hunt meat" replied Za sternly. Hur runs to Horg's side and pleads to Za. "You can not hunt enough meat for the tribe by yourself" she said, holding onto her father for protection in fear of angering Za.

Za took a moment to consider the options, before walking up to Krell, standing face to face with him. "You may join our tribe, but I am leader" affirmed Za. The other tribesmen and women behind Krell walked down the rocky hillside to stand closer to him. A tense atmosphere filled the air as the power of both men battled silently, their tribes awaiting anxiously for a response.

"You may lead" said Krell reluctantly, and with that Za waved his torch and tilted his head behind him to beckon the new tribe to come forward and join with his.

The tribes make their way through the forest to their camp, as Krell and Za walk and talk together.

"Where is friend, and the man with white hair and the two women?" asked Za to Krell. "I know not of who you speak" Krell replied. "We have no-one in our tribe with white hair. What do the women look like who you speak of" he added. "They both wear strange skins, one woman is older, the other is a girl" Za explained.

Krell shook his head; "I have not seen these women or this white haired man, and what is friend?" he enquired.

Za took a moment to find the words to describe Ian Chesterton. "Friend teach me how to make fire" said Za.

Krell stopped and looked at Za, standing once more with him, face to face. "You are Friend!" stated Krell, and for the first time, Za almost seemed to smile, before returning back to his comfortably angry expression, and replying "Yes!"...

The tribes walked towards the warm glow of the cave where they would share many more stories, many more meals, and many more fires together.

© Copyright Sebastian J. Brook, Andrew Waugh & Doctor Who Online, 2012.
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Written by:
Sebastian J. Brook

Artwork by:
Andrew Waugh

Narrated by:

Sebastian J. Brook


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