When we came up with the idea of VortExtra, we always knew we wanted to begin with An Unearthly Child, but what a daunting task it would be creating a story set before the entire show began! That's why we wanted to keep this story as simple and as true to the episode as possible, and what better way than to use what was there already - Totters Lane junkyard, a Policeman and a night time setting! So join us as we find out just what led that policeman to Totters Lane junkyard...
It was 2:45am on the 15th November 1963 - a cold, foggy night, and a shadowy figure of a man dressed in black emerges from the doors of a junkyard at 76 Totters Lane. Slowly, he moves through the mists of the night winding round the London streets, until he stops in front of a green metal housing for telephone cabling.

The man, pulls a small, silver coloured device from his inner coat pocket and holds it in front of the green housing and pushes a button. A pulsating light, together with a whirring sound, casts itself over the housing, and with a few sparks, the doors shoot open. The man looks to his left, and then to his right, making sure he hasn't been noticed, and proceeds to collect some components.

One road away, a local policeman is on patrol. Armed only with a torch, he paces the streets in search of anything out of the ordinary, intent on having something to report to his superior in the hopes of an upcoming promotion. As he turns the corner of Turpin Road, the electricity cables overhead begin to hum. Suddenly, electrical flashes begin to converge down the mast onto a manhole cover below. The policeman, noticing the electrical surges, guides his torchlight to the manhole cover where bolts of electricity form an orb, and then, in a flash, disappear. The torch flickers, and the policeman knocks the front and repoints the light toward the manhole. There, standing in front of him was a shaggy haired man, dressed in strips of leathery material and a sharp pointed stone attached to his waist. His facial appearance was haggard, and as his eyes adjusted to the torchlight in front of him, he darted his head and stared directly at the policeman.

Meanwhile on the neighbouring street, the shadowy figure finishes collecting his components and just as he considers closing the doors of the green housing, realises he's left a loose connection. "Dear, dear!" he mutters to himself, in an elderly voice. He tuts and continues "No, no, no, now that won't do at all…". He reproduces his silver device, aims it at the cabling, and presses the button once more. As the light and whirring sound begin again, he hears a simultaneous bang on the adjoining street.

At the same time, the policeman takes a few steps towards the unsavoury figure in front of him as electricity begins to spark around him. "Get away from that mast!" he shouts to the leather-clad man, "Aint you got no home to be gettin' to? You'll catch your death of cold dressed in that thing and all!". He rolls his eyes and exclaims "Fancy dress indeed!, Come on - off with you, it aint safe here!". Another loud bang and streams of electricity once more converge down the mast towards the manhole cover, surrounding the shaggy-haired man, who suddenly disappears into thin air.

The policeman notices another man standing at the end of the street, pointing a silver object at the telephone mast. "Come here!" shouts the policeman, startling the figure dressed in black. He gives chase and the elderly man winds his way through the streets back to the junkyard at Totters Lane. As he walks briskly, the silver object drops from his coat onto the street below, and rolls to the edge of the curb, and slows, before dropping into the gutter hole.

The elderly man slips through the gates of 76 Totters Lane, leaving the cold and mists of the night behind him.

The policeman enters the clearing outside Totters Lane junkyard and shines his torch around looking for the man, but sees and hears nothing...

© Copyright Sebastian J. Brook, Andy W. Clift & Doctor Who Online, 2012.
Page Updated: 7/4/2012

Written by:
Sebastian J. Brook

Artwork by:
Andy W. Clift

Narrated by:

Sebastian J. Brook


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