I always wondered if the Gelth could escape after the events of the episode, so I wanted to touch on that a little, whist incorporating Charles Dickens' final moments from the story as well. I also often wondered about Rose and her frame of mind after watching what happened to Gwyneth, and what affect that would have on her dynamic with The Doctor.
Charles Dickens was now so full of joy, how could it be that just a few hours ago he was so miserable? A miserable old writer, hating his miserable life. He now looked at life as if through a new pair of eyes. He felt like a cog in a machine. Perhaps not a particularly valuable cog, but he had to be there for the machine to work.

“Yippee,” he yelled as he ran down the street, leaping with joy. He was so happy, and he would finish the Mystery of Edwin Drood as soon as he could so he could write his next story – The Séance of Death, in which he would be the main character - completely true, with the Doctor and Miss Tyler involved in it as well. Ah, such a good story it would be. But first, he thought to himself, he had to sort out the problems with his family. He smiled and was about to walk on when hen saw something odd out of the corner of his eye. He turned back, following in his gaze a trail of light. It was leading back to Sneed and Company, the place from which he had just left. Still buzzing, he channeled his energy into his curiosity and decided to investigate further.

He ran through the snow-laden street, thinking of the danger in a more exhilarating way than he had before. Charles Dickens’ name might one day be recognised as a great hero of his time, he pondered.

He arrived at the building, still slightly ablaze. He went over, searching wildly for the source. Then he found her body. That poor young girl. Her eyes were still open. He put his hand over her eyes and closed them, and as he did so, one of his tears fell on her pale cheek. That poor young girl, dying to save a future she could never see, he thought to himself. He stood back up, wiped the tears away and took a deep breath. He surveyed the scene one last time and as he did so, he noticed a shadowy figure in the corner of the room, leaving through a door. The figure had looked like some kind of predator of the night, almost wolf-like, a bad wolf. So many displaced thoughts filled his head. But he decided not to pursue this particular mystery, for this mystery was not his to solve…

The Doctor and Rose looked at the screen, watching as events unfolded. The Doctor tried to give a smile, but Rose saw through it as she always would. He was as unsettled as she was. She thought to herself about leaving him, but it was obvious that he needed someone just as much as she did.

Rose loved travelling with him. The thrill of the adventures, the love for life, the not knowing what would happen next. She wondered where he would take them now. The Doctor seemed to read her mind and said, “Rome, 24908. Great year, we can see the rise of the automaton race leading the second Roman Empire into glory across the stars. Sound nice?”

He didn’t wait for a reply and turned to the console. Pulling levers, flicking switches and focusing entirely on what he was doing. He didn’t notice Rose leave the console room, down a corridor and into the TARDIS’ vast and complex infrastructure...

Rose sat on the bed in her new room, looking at objects the Doctor had shown her. She thought of Mickey and how she had left him behind. Was it unfair? Or would the time apart help them? She pondered many things before returning to the Doctor and smiling. Everything would be fine. He smiled back, this time truthfully. She held his hand as they travelled through the vortex - onwards, and never looking back…

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Simon Breeze

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Siobhan Gallichan

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