In the opening scene of Attack of the Cybermen, two council workers are found by a scout Cyberman in the sewers. Their disappearances can’t have gone unnoticed and so surely the council would send another party down to get the work done? This was the premise of this epilogue, and I thought it’d be inevitable that they’d stumble across the Cyber base. I like to think that the Cybermen are never truly gone though, hence the transmission from Telos and the sole survivor in the underground base. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the sewers...
Harry dropped his toolbox with a loud clang, almost catching Bert’s foot. He rolled his eyes and cursed silently to his junior, who was now slowly descending the ladder from street level.

“‘Ere, ‘arry. Get a move on, will ya?” Bert clicked on his headlamp and looked around the narrow sewer, shadows running up the walls.

“Cor, stinks down ‘ere, dunnit?!” Harry let go of the ladder and picked up his toolbox.

“Yeah, too right, mate. Still, job’s gotta be done, eh?”

They set off down the sewer as Bert pulled a dirty laminated map from his pocket. “We get all the best jobs, don’t we?”

“Tell me about it! What ‘appened to the uvva two, anyway?” Harry registered his colleague’s blank expression and explained, “Dave was down ‘ere the other day, got lost or something. That’s why we’re here!”

“Dave Halliwell? Who was he with?”

“Yeah. I dunno who he was with, but they’re gonners now!”

“Don’t say that. You know I hate it down here! Come on, let’s get a shift on!”

Harry nodded and started off down the sewer, his narrow torchlight illuminating the way ahead. Bert followed him, looking around all the time. “Right at the end here,” he said authoritatively.

“Did you see that? Over there in the shadows!”

“No, what was it?” Bert replied nervously.

“I don’t know. I thought I saw something moving...”

“Is this one of your wind-ups? Cos if it is, it ain’t funny!”

“No, no, honestly mate. I’m not having you on.” Harry shone his torch back over the tunnel, but nothing stirred. “Must ‘ave just been a trick of the light.”

“All the same, let’s get this over with, eh?” shuddered Bert.

They walked off down the tunnel together, now both scanning the route ahead anxiously. Behind them, something stirred in the shadows. It was still alive, but only just. It had been seriously damaged and was not in a good way. But, despite all that, there was still a drive to complete its objective to guard the sewers. And that meant no-one was allowed to leave alive...

It followed Bert and Harry, limping slightly but silent all the while. Up ahead, the pair had hit a dead end. Bert scratched his head, confused by the differences between his map and the actual layout of the tunnels.

“We must’ve gone the wrong way...” He said, still bewildered.

“3415, yeah?” Harry checked, illuminating the plaque on the wall.

“Yeah, we’re supposedly in the right place... But it can’t be...”

Harry extended a nervous hand and touched the new wall, before jumping back alarmed as the new wall slid into the side of the sewer and a blinding white light came from beyond. Both of them raised an arm, shielding themselves from the glare. There was a clatter of metal on brick from behind them but both ignored the sound, mesmerised by the light.

“W-What is it?” shouted Harry, looking round to his co-worker.

“I don’t know, son...” Bert replied, seemingly transfixed by the glow.

“D’you think we should have a look?”

Without waiting for a reply, Bert wandered across the threshold in a dreary trance. Harry followed him into the ‘magic’ place, but as they blinked, they both realised the light was gone and they were now in a drab old room, computers lining the brick walls.

“What is this place?” Harry questioned in admiration.

“Looks like a computer centre or something.”

Bert suddenly screamed and raised his own toolbox and he spotted the head of a Cyberscout just a few feet from him. But it wasn’t moving. It was dead, propped up against the wall on top of a table.

“Jeez, that gave me a fright. What is it?” Bert approached the Cyberman and tapped its head.

“Looks like some fancy new gear from the army or something,”

Bert shook his head, “Sounds like steel to me. The army can’t afford steel suits for every soldier.”

“What is this place then? Some kind of testing facility?”

“Search me.” Bert said as he began to explore their surroundings further. Harry followed him, equally curious. Both men seemed to have forgotten their previous fears. Harry pointed to a long bank of computers where a screen was fuzzing into life. As the two workmen approached it, the Cyberscout lumbered soundlessly into the base after them, a powerful arm raised.

“What’s it doing? It’s like a TV!”

“This is Secondary Cyber Command on Telos. Attempting re-connection with Earth correspondent. Transmission registered?” A harsh, metal voice, slightly warped by the transmission, echoed around the cavern.

“Blimey, Bert, look at that!” Harry began, “It’s one of them suits! Talking!”

“I don’t know what’s going on here, but I don’t like it!”

“I say we take what we can to sell on later and get the hell out of here. Tell the council that it’s all fixed.” Bert searched for an excuse as he formulated the plan in his head.

“Nice thinking. Let’s get a move on, I just wanna finish this job!”

Harry approached another Cyberman and looked it up and down. The Cyberscout marched dazedly closer to the looters, both still oblivious to their inevitable impending fate.

Bert pulled a large brown sack from his toolbox and put a Cybergun inside. He pulled a few other trinkets from the shelves of the control centre, including a bulky computer unit. He put all of them inside the sack and swung it over his shoulder. Harry pulled the head from the Cyberman’s shoulders and a green gunge spread out all over him and a rotting, brown skull fell out. He and Bert backed away with a gasp.

“Blimey! You know what, mate, I think we’d best get out of here. Cut the looting. Let’s just go!”

“I hear you. Let’s get out of here. This whole place freaks me out!” Harry replied, now eager to leave.

They pulled a final unit each from the racks and deposited them in their sacks before turning to leave. Harry nodded to Bert and they made for the exit. However, as they turned a corner, the Cyberscout reared up over them, its gun poised to fire. There was silence, and then two blasts accompanied by two dull thuds.

The Cyberscout went over to the bank of monitors and flicked a switch before grating weakly, “Transmission registered, Telos...”

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